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Progress Report

Growth of Myth!

A great deal of work is being put into Age of Myth currently. I very much like what I accomplished with the jam version, but the story was a bit abrupt, and the branches were a bit too similar for my liking. Also, reaching the final dungeon was a bit too direct. Finally, I feel like the game as it is a bit more railroady than I wanted. I am currently extending the game, vastly expanding the Island Nation of Errial as I am currently in the process of adding cities and towns. Kobold encounters will be added. Also, there will be more to do in the existing towns, including more sidequests and events that trigger after the end of specific events.

  • Completing Derlith's mission will no longer lead directly to the final dungeon. In fact, this will now only be the beginning of the game.
  • Three endings will remain the same, but the writing in the hero's ending will be improved and it will hopefully make more sense in context of the rest of the game.
  • The multiple story paths will be more divergent with more options for reaching the ends of the game.
  • There will be more towns and cities. Greater exploration, and more ways to reach objectives.
  • I am in the process of implementing additional goals needed to reach the final dungeon, one of which is nearly complete.
  • New items intended to better fill out the magic system.
  • Yazrina will have more abilities.
  • More use of established systems.

The goal is a game that is far more rewarding and greater in scale that I ended up with and that doesn't rush the story. A game that feels more like an actual RPG.

Game Design

Bugfixed version submitted!

The previous version was surprisingly clean, but it did have a few bugs that were troublesome enough, they really did need immediate attention. Fixed are the following:

  • The rogue autorun in the hand amputation scene.
  • The skippable cutscene leading to a frozen map.
  • Freezing stairs at the Golden Dragon Inn
  • Unpredictably dismissive spider climb mechanic.

None of these issues were serious but did have the potential to occasionally freeze the game. They were minor enough that I can't be sure if I fixed the spider climb entirely, but I'm pretty sure I have. Let me know if there are any other glitches you run across.


Done and ready to download!

The game is finally as finished as it is ever going to be. I literally sat staring at the screen wondering what else I needed to do. As big as it is, I'm positive there's stuff that needs to be fixed, but I can't find it, and this game is playable from start to all of its endings.

  • A stealth system that I would have liked to have used more, but wound up using more than I expected.
  • Lockpicking
  • Stealing
  • Multiple-endings
  • Multiple-story paths

This is the most ambitious game I've ever made, and I hope I didn't mess it up.
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