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Lost in Dillaria is a retro-styled arcade/action RPG. Traverse 27 levels filled with enemies, conquer 4 puzzle-filled dungeons, upgrade your stats, buy and use items or equipment and find secrets that are scattered everywhere! Defeat Lord Oxon and his Demon Knights, before the armies of Dillaria invade your homeland of Terrafin.

Gameplaywise it's a combination of Bomberman and Legend of Zelda with traditional RPG elements (exp. points, leveling up etc.). Hope you will like it.
It's a spiritual sequel to my old RPG MAKER series KNIGHTS OF DILLARIA I made in 2007-2010

The game is almost done, the final game will feature:

- 27 stages
- 4 dungeons
- leveling/upgrade system
- arcade swordfighting action

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this reminds me of the new zealand story on the amiga.
Gonna sub for nostalgia
I have started my journey to get my first 4/5 before dreaming any bigger than that. Gradual and steady does it... hopefully.
This looks super cute. I'm following.
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