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Welcome to Befuddle Quest 2: Charmed & Dangerous, a collaborative puzzle/maze game community project (officially Map Design Fun #9).  Using a specific product, RPG Maker 2003, we each made a single map puzzle using RTP (mostly) and I linked them together in a quest, and slapped an intro and conclusion around it.

The focus of BQ games is on puzzles and challenges, as opposed to stories.  The first one had a modest turnout of 7 entries, and this one had 13.

STORY ::..
Even though Zack braved the horrors of Baron von Niddly's befuddling tower, he did NOT brave an even greater horror: his future Mother-in-Law!

Frau von Niddly has whisked away her daughter Broomhilda and locked her up in a secret room in the befuddling tower! Oh no!

Our charming hero now must re-enter the tower and rescue his beloved love all the while puzzling out evil puzzles from that witch of a woman Frau von Niddly. Zack's puzzle solving skills will be put to the test once again!

Angels & Demons - Fallen-Griever
Tick Tock Took Book - Jakester
Rocks, Slings and Arrows - SavageInventions
Zack's Chip Challenge - kentona
Lazer Su Doku - GameOverGames Productions
The Curious Chase of Zack Zachariah - Hexatona
Lovely Logic - Zeuzio
Economy Sim - Craze
Riddle of 7 - Liberty
Skeleton Ship - Relyt
Setting the Table - Gibmaker
Future's Past - Mr.L
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda - Mikemc


Befuddle Quest: http://www.rpgmaker.net/games/1101/
Befuddle Quest 2: Charmed & Dangerous: http://www.rpgmaker.net/games/1166/
Befuddle Quest 3: Love is a Four-Legged Word: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1300/
Befuddle Quest 4 Dead: http://rpgmaker.net/games/1843/
Befuddle Quest 5: Zack to the Future: http://rpgmaker.net/games/2516/
Befuddle Quest 6: The Next Generation: https://rpgmaker.net/games/4531/

Latest Blog

Softpedia Entry

So BQ2 was added to Softpedia by some sort of pesky person incapable of applying the font fix. I do not know why I am listed as the main developer, but my other games were added at the same time so that could be why they made that mistake...




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I once banned myself by mistake
We had 80 downloads in 6 days...that's not bad at all for a hasty game like this, methinks.
I once banned myself by mistake
Authors updated to include all the submissions!
Economy sim was fantastic! But seriously, the person who made sudoku a part of the game should be shot. Painfully. And then stomped on.
To bad for you that I'm the guy who has a gun collection, since I live in redneckville.
I came up with a brilliant way to make everyone hate me less, because I wouldn't want the hatred of the puzzle I did for this to overshadow the fury that will be caused by my BQ3 puzzles.
There's going to be a BQ3??? Is that official or just wishful thinking?
official, my good man.
Damn i broke my PC. I'd love to have participated, my cooking contest was going so well T_T
I once banned myself by mistake
Yes there is a BQ3 coming up. For now it's a forum topic, but once I make a title screen, I'll make a gamepage. Go here for more info: http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/4173/

Also, neat touch on the walkthrough update, GOG! (Click on Lazer Sudoku on the game page for the walkthrough).
There's a bug when you reload a save on the 7 in 1 Riddle, the event stop function. After the greed event, the dialogue doesn't show up.
This game has the hardest final boss out of every rpgmaker game I have ever seen*.

*statement subject to change after BQ3
You should edit the 2 like the 3, i think it would be easy if you're words are layers.
Hm... I could learn a thing or two from your games, nice puzzles.
I once banned myself by mistake
Hm... I could learn a thing or two from your games, nice puzzles.
Which puzzle in particular? Remember this was a community effort so a lot of different people contributed puzzles.

Thanks, though!
I am getting so FUCKING PISSED! It won't run. Just like three other games I tried from here, it won't run. The first Befuddled did, but this one won't. There isn't even any rhyme or reason as to why it won't, so I can't find a solution... grrrrrrr!
Do you have the RTP files installed?
I once banned myself by mistake
What was the error?
How the -hell- do you beat Hexatona's chase map? And how the -hell- has nobody asked that question before? XD
I once banned myself by mistake
He's in Mexico right now! He'll be back next week and I can ask him then. But the gist of that level is every time you move the little monster moves, iirc. I'd have to play it again to figure it out, it's been a while.
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