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Long ago, the kingdom of Ostragen was fair and just, ruled by a monarch that treated his people with respect. The land flourished during that time. Yet, all good things must come to an end, and after the sad, dismal passing of the great King Darin, a serpent of sorts ascended the throne in his place.

Forty-five years have come and gone since King Rilyn took his father's place. Famine, sickness, and political strife have become commonplace with the social hierarchy at an imbalance. Nobles, wealthy landowners, and corrupt merchants rule the lower class, and the king sits upon his throne, reaping the spoils of his tainted kingdom.

During these dark times, the people of Sardonia turn to those they once found solace in, but there is no respite. Corruption has seeped into the entire Kingdom of Ostragen. Even the Divine Order, a once loving and caring religion, has turned its back on their flock, aiding the king in his nefarious plans. The people feel lost and alone, and with nobody to turn to, their hope begins to fade.

Yet four misguided individuals find themselves in Sardonia, and after several unexpected events, their destinies become intertwined. They must join forces to take on a vile power that could lead to their great civilization's fall. Will they meet the same fate as the Ancient Delkinians, or will this strange group of four unlikely heroes band together and accomplish a most perilous quest?

"Greetings wander and wayward soul. I am Senn Creo—bard extraordinaire, master of the fine arts, and greatest thespian of all time! Many would think me to be the protagonist of this tale, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I am simply the storyteller of the group. The one of eloquence; graced with proper grammar and the ability to captivate and enthrall an audience. Many would consider this a tale or story of sorts, but I deem it A PLAY. And where do all plays begin? Why… the cast, of course."

"Where shall I begin with this one? Selfish, rude, sarcastic, and devious are just a few words to describe this unsavory pickpocket. I had the displeasure of running into this boy upon my arrival at the capital. However, I will say what he lacks in social decency, he does make up for in loyalty to his friends. He truly cares about the people that raised him and desires to do the right thing. This is why he is the main protagonist of our story."

"Slightly cliché, but I don't make this stuff up, I promise. Aye, we got a ba'rul from the south. He's enormous, he's violent, he's ill-tempered and… he's a barbarian. PLOT TWIST? Hardly. This monstrous race of horned people tends to either be barbarians or shaman, and he's unwilling arrived in our capital after being corralled here by slavers with… you guessed it… A SHAMAN! But why is King Rilyn kidnapping ba'rul, and what is the ultimate plan for him and his tribe?"

"A rather mysterious young woman that I befriended quite early upon my arrival in Sardonia. She captivated me straight away with her adoration of the arts and love of musicals and plays. However, she is battling some inner demons and lives in a world that looks down upon her particular class of mages. I will, however, tell you one thing. Never have I witnessed someone melt the flesh off a person with such flair. She can be quite terrifying, so best to stay on her good side."

"'Tis I. Your bard and teller of this fine tale. I'm handsome, brave, heroic, and have beautiful golden locks that flip and curl for days! I've arrived in Sardonia just recently, and hail from a distant region of Ostragen know as Hesselwood. I have come to our grand capital to perform for King Rilyn and his family at their royal celebration. Why have I chosen to turn against His Majesty and join this unsavory group? Well, one must choose the lesser of two evils, and King Rilyn is quite vile, so… here we are.

"Oh, my favorite part! What wondrous and fabulous features can you expect in Tales of Yuria 2: The Gilded Crown? Well, this list will likely grow, but let me give you just a snippet of what you can expect:"

  • A rich, story-driven game where every NPC has a personality and purpose. From the shop vendors to members of the Royal Guard. Meet and grow to love (or hate) all the people of Sardonia.

  • Three dialogue choices: Diplomatic, Sarcastic and Aggressive to help mold and shape your main protagonist’s personality.

  • Decisions that will ultimately change the story and mold the world around you.

  • Party Relationships: Certain choices you make will improve your relationship with some and hurt it with others, changing your personal story between each character.

  • Custom-made characters, faces, and side-view battlers. Even the enemies are custom and fully animated.

  • No random encounters. All battles are scripted into the game to encourage exploration.

  • A vibrant world full of unique and harvestable plants used in creating alchemical potions.

  • An array of items used for Alchemy, Cooking, and other crafting trades (TBD).

"Well, my friends. That is all I have for you, but fear not, for I shall be here with you every step of the way. While this tale is far from complete, I shall return from time to time and provide you with updates and additional lore of Yuria. Perhaps even introduce you to a few of Sardonia’s many residents. So, don’t forget to subscribe and check back often, and if you would be interested in chatting and getting more frequent updates, be sure to join our Discord below. Farewell!"

Tales of Yuria Series:
1. Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God (Complete)
2. Tales of Yuria (Short Story Collection): Mausoleum of the Gods (Complete)
3. Tales of Yuria 2: The Gilded Crown (In Development - end of 2023)

Other Series:
1. bio-Synthetica (In Development - 2022/2023)

Game Artist:
CChameleon's RMN Thread
CChameleon's Twitter

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!!WARNING!! There will be some mild cursing, subtle sexual references and blood in this game. Fictional religion will be present, as well, and any similarities to modern religion is unintentional.

Latest Blog

Artwork Teaser: Capital NPC's

So, it's been a while since I've done an update on any of my projects, but I wanted to start up again. Everything is fine, I just got distracted with other games (I blame Steam and their many sales). However; I am still working on my projects (back and forth) from time-to-time, and I plan on starting up again really soon.

With this update, I wanted to share some concept art for three characters you'll meet in the capital city of Sardonia. These are just a few of the many NPC's you'll encounter in Tales of Yuria 2. I'll be sharing more artwork soon.

Mama Jude (left): Shopkeeper of The Shiny Coin, a bartering shop where players will be able to take rare items they find and exchange them for other useful equipment.

High Priest (middle): One of the high priests of the Divine Order.

Exotic Goods Merchant (right): Traveling merchant selling goods at the docks: exotic ore and other materials used for crafting and weapon/armor upgrades.

If you'd like more frequent updates, be sure to join my Discord server. You can ask questions, chat with others, and even join me in voice chat while I work on my projects :-)

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Niceee...after finishing the first I was hoping for a sequel, given the ending...
Take your time because the first was good but this looks even better!
Niceee...after finishing the first I was hoping for a sequel, given the ending...
Take your time because the first was good but this looks even better!

Thanks! I'm excited to share even more with everyone. I'll try and do frequent updates. :-)
OH MY GAWD I am so excited for this!!!!!
OH MY GAWD I am so excited for this!!!!!

Thanks emmbee23! Glad to see you stop by my page :-)
Aw yeahhhh

Thanks Liberty! :-)
I already love Senn.

I'll be showing more of him really soon, too :-)
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