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Wintertwined: Possible Demo in December + Hilarious Bug

Hi yall!

As the title says, there's a good chance the first playable version / Demo will be available in (Late) December.
I'm on the right track and hoping everything keeps going this way.

There's unfortunatly also a chance that it won't be ready yet, but I'm working my butt off to make sure that when a playable version is ready, yall get to experience it asap!

The last month has been mostly bug fixes, plugin upgrades and overall smoothening of the game, a fully implemented puzzle AND multiple puzzle difficulties!

And here's a bug I randomly encountered, where Winter's animation didn't load properly and got stuck in a loop. (has been fixed now, but I nearly choked on my drink when it happened)

(This animation is supposed to be Winter grabbing something in front of them, but when it got stuck on a loop it... it got a little unfortunate)