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Basuphana-2 (The Land Of Zaiden) DEMO

Descend upon planet Earthia reborn for a surreal journey with the help of tag-along friends to stop monstrous forces seeking to bring fourth an apocalyptic ruling.

^Demo is now up above; this project is still being worked on today.

This game's story and demo will be gradually updated and extended upon further since this game first went up recently, i am currently working around the clock on this game.
It is an extremely large project still being worked on today.

(I recommend waiting a bit, until i get more of the game up however, before downloading.)

Notice: You will need both 2000 and 2003 Real Time Packages installed to play the game. ‚Äč
Simply download and Use by tapping the RT.exe inside the folder to play.
Original RT is inside for developer purposes only, Do not use it..

You awaken in Zero Space Realm as a dead spirit, and a curious case of amnesia. Who were you? Where, or what, is this place?

You soon find that you've been under the care of an Angel-like being calling herself Zaiden. When you meet her, she proceeds to test your capabilities. When the test concludes, she tasks you to defeat the devil-king that is terrorizing the world of Earthia.

Your journey will entail encountering fantastic locations, strange peoples, and secrets more terrifying than the monsters you'll face. Now! Descend upon Earthia! Be reborn into a surreal journey! With the help of tag-along friends, stop the monstrous forces seeking to bring fourth an apocalyptic ruling!

Personal aside:
This game is an "isekai" game. Or, a situation where an otherwise normal person finds themselves in a fantasy world through some means. It's been under development on and off since 2006, and is very much an ongoing process.

The game uses RTP characters, .. but the concept is they are all reincarnated
characters who have no memories of their past lives in other Rpg games, some with more developed personalities.
The story-line of this game is trying something new and different and will go deeper into this multi-worlds theory later as the story progresses.
It is a terrifying new experimental concept I am working on.



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I really love your world map designs they look amazing for RTP. Looking forward to seeing updates. Subbed. : )
Thank you, I just started up working on this again recently this week.'
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