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Download the game for Windows.

Pretty much just unzip this .zip file, then double click on the "Game" file.

Changes made for Version 2.15:

I replayed the game recently and found a few sticking points in the balancing...

The first optional boss (Blue Maelstrom) is no longer unintentionally and obscenely hard compared to every other boss in the game.

Boss reinforcements that aren't tied to special gimmicks show up a little bit more often.

Gave the final dungeon's bosses a bit more survivability.

And I squashed some bugs while I was at it.

Changes made for Version 2.1:

The "Save At Will-O-Wisps only mode" should now work as intended!

Changes made for Version 2.0:
- Added 3 new optional bosses designed to push your skills to the absolute limit (Complete a dungeon's little "Scavenger hunt" to uncover that dungeon's optional boss)
- Finally, 100% fixed the Final Boss's special mechanic so that it follows a more understandable pattern.
- Changed an animation or two.
- Squashed a few bugs (some enemy skills that should have been sealed by Arty's "Sealing Arrow" were not being sealed properly, the party's turns now randomize properly again after using "Army Of Four" etc)
- Improved a few lines of dialogue that I felt were weak.

I think the game is finally at it's absolute best. Unless someone discovers a major bug, I think this is the final update. :)


PATCH NOTES for 1.041:
- Added a small fix so that the events in the tutorial do not repeat if you walk back down.
- Fixed 2 bugs in the final boss (Wrong Silence status used, and one of his tricks didn't work on Easy Mode.
- Fixed Typos and one wrong text box when backtracking to the second area.
- Cleaned up the difficulty change so that you no longer get any loose difficulty modifiers in your inventory.

(Sorry it took so long to fix these, work's been insane recently).


PATCH NOTES for 1.03:
- Healing Herb items can now be used out of battle.
- Remade the Boss reinforcement system for Discord Difficulty (it had a bug that would cause it to revive one of the enemies the *instant* it died instead of giving you a small grace period between revivals.)

PATCH NOTES for 1.02:

- Tutorial boss on Discord Mode / Ultra Hard rebalanced to be more fair.
- Somehow "*Slaughter" 's ability to do critical hits got un-tagged, fixed!
- Various Typos fixed.
- Removed a box from the final campsite that the player could get trapped by.

PATCH NOTES for 1.01:

Visual bugs fixed:
- Unused Test enemies were still on the cliffs/walls in some dungeons.
- A blinking event circle for the "shop" in one campsite was not turning off during a cutscene

Gameplay bugs fixed:
- The Extra Boss Reinforcements on Discord Mode had various small issues fixed.

Quality of life:
- There is now an animated circle over campsites when you first arrive, so you know that you can interact with the campfire to progress the game.

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