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Ocean OI is an experimental series of combat encounters in RPG Maker 2000's native turn-based battle system, exploring MP management as a central feature of strategy and party dynamics. Here are some of the things I'm trying:

  • 13 challenging battles with minimal framing narrative. Ocean OI takes a brief tour through its mechanics and wraps up before exhausting their possibilities. The gauntlet has been carefully curated for depth, rhythm, and drama.

  • Well defined, interdependent character roles. The "Conduit" class nourishes the party with MP (called numen), but every party member has their own job to do managing supply and demand in the numen economy. Who's got it? Who needs it? Who must go without?

  • Simple enemies, elaborate encounters. Each monster has a role to play in its own party, they've been arranged to support each other and to press you in diverse and interesting ways. An enemy you write off in one battle might become the most urgent threat when it gets the right support.

  • All the charm of being lost at sea in the moonlight. Despite my minimalist intentions, I got distracted tinkering with polish. Enjoy the mood lighting! If the low contrast is too low, please leave a comment and I'll take another stab at it.

Estimated play time: 90+ minutes.

Additional Credits
Testing: John Thyer, NARF, S.K.
Special thanks: Dylan Gauche, Marina Ayano Kittaka, Tian Jiang, and the VEXTRO community
Art & sound assets: RPGMaker 2000 RTP

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