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The sweet dream to your nightmare...!

Created for KADOKAWA Corp.
& Active Gaming Media's
Pixel Game Maker MV
'Game Development Challenge

Digital artist StudioDaeera invites you to come and try out a new twist on twin stick shooters: an inspired love letter to classic shoot 'em ups! Fully utilizing the PGMMV Game Engine and featuring a kick-ass stereo chiptune soundtrack composed by Firespike33. You don't want to miss this arcade styled experience!

What happened to the unlucky people who fell into comas they couldn't wake up from...? A rare phenomenon that has puzzled doctors to this day. Many say it was only their poor health or genetics, but the victims claim to have seen an enigmatic spaceman who nullified the source of their coma—an age old evil he has battled time and time again...

It sounds like the stuff of dreams. Because it is.
Fire & level up your standard & specialty shot types to really bring the hurt!
Whip your Flash Shield out at enemy projectiles for stronger counterattacks!
Build up the Lucid Gauge, then trigger your all-powerful Lucid Mode in a pinch!
Battle the Coma State together with your own Double in local 2 Player Co-op!

UPDATE: Keyboard controls have been added!
Gamepad(s) are strongly recommended to play.

Keyboard controls for the players in game need to be enabled from the options menu on the title screen. They'll also enable automatically alongside the game-pad controls when running a 1P Game.

WASD = Left Stick
Arrow Keys = Right Stick
Spacebar = Right Trigger
Shift = Left Trigger
Enter = Start
Backspace = Select

Xbox 360/Xbox One, Ps4 or Nintendo Switch Pro controller should work fine. Others with same number of button inputs as those game-pads should work too.

For more information on Coma State Eden:
check out it's Wiki page!

Latest Blog

Major improvements to performance


Just performed a major update to CSE, the game length hasn't been increased, but there have been some major improvements to the game's performance. Especially under the most visually intensive scenarios.

If your PC is on the lower end of graphical fidelity, you'll notice a definite improvement with the new build. It handles co-op play much smoother and there have been various bug fixes and tweaks.

You'll also notice a more professional looking installer! (It automatically installs to your C: Drive as the installer was only possible due to using an external plugin for PGMMV).

This page has been almost inactive, I hope to see more traffic/players.
Don't miss out on a one of a kind game, you won't regret your time with CSE.
  • Production
  • Commercial
  • StudioDaeera
  • Pixel Game Maker MV
  • Action Shooter
  • 08/19/2020 04:02 PM
  • 09/02/2021 12:05 AM
  • 07/31/2021
  • 6511
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I'm playing Coma State Eden and I'm stuck on the level 2 stage boss. This game is top notch. It a Gradius/Parodius shooting game with some great Megaman chiptune. Firespike33 did a fantastic job on your music.

Once I finish this game demo, I'll review it. It's only 3 stages, so I'll try to beat it tonight.
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