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One of the video games of all time

As a demonstration project for the RPG Maker MZ engine, Wolf's Gang does its job, though not perfectly. It certainly is a functional game, and in some places even pretty fun. But if you're looking for a proper game made for the sake of entertaining the player, or a passion project with lots of heart poured into it, you unfortunately will not find that here. Wolf's Gang was developed solely as a demo for RMMZ, and it's painfully obvious. I suppose the creator also realized this from the very start so they didn't put too many personal touches into the game.

I could say that there is a lot of unrealized potential in the game. Certainly, there are several systems that felt underdeveloped, underutilized. The recruitment mechanic, the crafting system, item gathering, all of these could benefit from more fleshing out. If this was not a 1-2 hour game but a 10+ hour epic RPG, maybe these features would have come together to form truly engaging gameplay.

But none of that matters. The game was never meant to be anything more than what it is, a demo project for the engine. Calling it "unrealized potential" would be straight up incorrect: there was never any potential to begin with. It's almost completely featureless, and any personality it has feels like a byproduct of it being made by one person with too many quirks to hide, rather than a conscious decision to spice things up.

There are some likeable characters, but none of them are memorable. There is a story with a message, but it is about as generic as it gets. The setting is a fantasy world just like any you can think of. These are supposed to be the heart of an RPG, yet there's absolutely nothing interesting about them in this game. The puns and occasionally comedic writing may be the only exceptions, but ultimately they achieve very little.

In the end, there's nothing wrong with any of this. Like I said at the beginning, Wolf's Gang does what it's set out to do to decently well. It does show what the new edition of RPG Maker is capable of, although as someone who has barely used the previous version I found it hard to tell which new features were being presented. The game not being much of an actual game is fine, as no one, not even the developer, ever expected it to be one. But that is not to say it couldn't have been one of those small projects that turned out to be surprisingly interesting. Wolf's Gang just wasn't one of them.