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A disguised killer from a local cult has infiltrated the Miyazaki Private Academy's 5A dormitory to hunt down its students every night for a murderous ritual. The police has also sent an undercover detective into the dorm to find out the killer's identity and stop him/her before it's too late. Who shall prevail at the end?

- This is a local turn-based multiplayer murder mystery game. One player assumes the role of the KILLER and another the role of the DETECTIVE.

- Both players share the same screen and key bindings. Players shouldn't look at their opponent's screen during their opponent's turn (else you're cheating!).

- Find out who's who among 15 unique characters and grab the chance to eliminate each other in their respective turns.

This is an experimental multiplayer game made with RPG Maker MV. The game is still in BETA state and I will be continuing adding more features and improvements. Feel free to drop your comments and ideas!

Latest Blog

Beta 1.2 released


- Tampering with school bell timer will no longer skip Detective's turn.
- Added 'Help' in menu, containing in-game Student List image.
- Hint 'colored hair' changed to 'bright hair'.