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The intro that could have been.

After the event ended, one of the things I wanted to do was add in a lot more polish, and in particular fix up the intro.

This was my first pass at making an intro; though for a lot of reasons I'm going to completely redo it, and it won't be making it into the final release. A lot of effort went into it, though, and I thought it might be kind of interesting to look at.


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Where is the intro that you shown meeee?
How is it going now?
Where is the intro that you shown meeee?

Right here:

Along with some of my more recent revisions. Still a work in progress, though.

How is it going now?

Not too great.

This was originally an event game, and one of the rules stipulated that we weren't allowed to do any pre-production before the event actually started.

So, what wound up happening is that the graphics and gameplay wound up soaking up most of my time, and I had to write things as I went along. I don't think anyone can really blame me for that, but it hurt the final project.

In the beginning Ericka was just Anya 2.0 (literally, her sprite was originally made for Anya in a remake of the first game), there were no human/alien hybrids and I had absolutely no idea what Orosius's grand plan was (which is why in the original demo pirates ambush you while you're working for Orosius, despite him apparently being their secret leader or something), and Vladimir was just a random pirate who wore an iron mask, and a cloak of human skin.

Most of the work I've been doing is just trying to fix everything up, which has been pretty hard. Haven't given up completely, but things are slow going.
I understand your point, fixing things is not an easy work. I'm also fixing things in my game as well. It takes time and I know you can do it! :)
Best wish for you. It's always excite seeing my art in 3D lol I really want to show everyone when your project is done.
I'm hoping to eventually redo those assets. I've learned a lot more about cell shading and character modelling since I first attempted it. Hopefully I can get something that looks much more like the sprites.

Thanks for commenting, by the way. Honestly, it really does help to know that people care about this project - even if it doesn't get much attention.
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