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Blood Dance Tactics (beta)


In Blood Dance Tactics, you follow a young man named Zion on his journey from school to outer space. Meeting your cute classmates, killing clones known as Puppets, and saving this society that is being puppetized, you will dive into the conflict between humans and unknown enemies. (if they are.)

2020 08 31 : The game will be updated soon, and a new build will be uploaded in a week.


A classical tactical RPG experience inspired by FF Tactics, Fire Emblem and Disgaea: Thunder, Dance, Throw, and Chainsaw
Charming Dialogues with your friends and NPCs.
Set in a Modern and Happy school setting
Death and Human fragility
Unique Skill Gatcha system to customize your team members
10+ mini-games as optional quests in Chapter 1-3
Original Sprites

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  • 08/23/2020 05:56 AM
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