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What's changed so far

  • Beregon
  • 09/14/2020 05:20 AM
Originally, this was meant to be a much smaller project (towns and dungeons weren't even meant to have pictures), but in the process, I've discovered some things to make it better and I figured that I might as well make this game seem like some effort was put into it. I wasn't able to implement everything I thought of due to the challenge limits (mostly the 10 event limit), but here's what's changed since the original concept.

-The graphical side has been improved somewhat, instead of staring at 1 picture the whole time you are in a city/dungeon, now the backgrounds change sometimes or people/monsters show up on screen visual novel style. Meaning, it looks slightly less lazy.

-Stamina has been removed from the game. I didn't see a point to it, you can now keep doing whatever you want anytime without needing to "rest".

-Talking to random NPCs and listening to random rumors gives small amounts of XP, but there's a chance to lose XP aswell. The XP gains/losses are very small and in the long run tend to average out a few points above 0, so it most likely won't have a practical effect on the game. All other ways of gaining XP/Gold carry some risks (mostly chance of combat).

-Sidequests are not randomly generated as originally intended, instead there's now 1 sidequest for each dungeon plus a final one. They are mostly jokes with maybe a combat encounter thrown in.

-There's a gauntlet of optional bosses in the Port Town tavern. Still need some rebalancing.

-Only 1 dungeon is (mostly) complete so far, but now that I have the basic layout down, the other 4 should be done much more quickly.

-There's now an optional party member, meaning you can have up to 6 characters in battle at once.

As for when it will release... not sure. I will probably be distracted by the Trials of MZ event in a few days, so probably sometime afterwards.