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Eight years have passed since Sir Edwin, Kitrashusara, Tia, and Fizrahn slain the dragon Cinder and rescued Lady Isella. While most of the world knows naught of their great deed, all four heroes live a rather content life, basking in the luxuries and spoils of their great success.

Sir Edwin, now Weyland Fischer, lives comfortably as the new innkeeper of the Crossroads with his dear wife and children. Kitrashusara, and his partner Rory, make an honest living as hired mercenaries. Fizrahn is the Head Magus of Prestorius University, and Tia has been elected as the renowned Grand Seraphic of The Divine Order. Life couldn’t be better for our four heroes. That is… until Kitrashusara and Rory are hired to investigate strange disappearances happening around The Crypt of Ancients.

Mausoleum of the Gods picks up where The Dragon God ended. Follow Kitrashusara, Rory, Tia, and Fizrahn as they delve deeper into The Crypt of Ancients. Will their return to this Delkinian site be a nice reminiscing reminder of their glory days? Or will they uncover a secret far more sinister than Cinder, the Dragon

Many would see a kaeta with bright, crimson hair and a black eye patch as nothing more than a lowlife criminal, bandit, or common brigand. Yet, that is not the case for Kitrashusara of Whispering Wood. He’s kind and loving and cares for… very few. He’s rude, sarcastic, and ill-tempered with almost everyone else. However, don’t let his unpleasant personality deter you from adoring this fun-loving hero. Deep down, buried beneath his cold and distant black void of a soul, he possesses a small (very small) heart of gold.

Bright, blue hair, smooth, tanned skin, and boyish good looks are just a few words to describe Kit’s partner. He’s lived his entire life in the capital city of Sardonia. He started as a parentless street urchin, worked his way up to gutter rat, and eventually found his place with “The Crimson Outlaws.” This is where he met Kitrashusara, fell in love, and decided to live a more honest and lawful life… as a mercenary.

The Head Magus of Prestorius University, master of the elements and the most powerful mage in all the land… or so he says. Fizrahn is a highly intelligent man and was able to play the political game, working his way up the magical ranks. He quickly earned his place as the head of the world's most prominent magic university. While he doesn't possess the spellcasting prowess as most mages, he has a beard now, which has to count for something, right?

When Tia met Sir Edwin, Kitrashusara, and Fizrahn, she saw the opportunity to fulfill her pilgrimage and return to The Thesiriun a reborn follower of The Divine Order. That’s precisely what she did. After Cinder the Dragon, she earned her place as an Angelican of her own region in Ostragen. In just five short years, she was nominated and elected as The Divine Order’s first female Grand Seraphic.

  • Follow the main heroes of The Dragon God in another exciting short story adventure.

  • Two brand new party members, Rory and Fiorra, with their own unique abilities.

  • Decisions that could change up how the story plays out, including the forming of your party.

  • Unique story with various dialogues, dependent on who is or is not in your party.

  • No Random Encounters. All battles are scripted into the game to encourage exploration.

  • Witty banter and light humor between party members and close friends, developing and building their relationship even further.

  • Return of two gauntlet style cutscenes and battles (popular request from The Dragon God).

  • Discover more lore and learn about Yurian history in greater detail.

So, what is this game? You want to think of it as DLC for The Dragon God. It's not a full game. Mausoleum of the Gods follows where The Dragon God ends and contains one dungeon. This story will help mold and bridge Tales of Yuria and Tales of Yuria 2 together.

If you haven't played Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God, I recommend starting there. You can download it HERE. However, you may still enjoy this short story without playing it. The estimated duration for Mausoleum of the Gods is around 3-5 hours.

Tales of Yuria Series:
1. Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God (Complete)
2. Tales of Yuria (Short Story Collection): Mausoleum of the Gods (Complete)
3. Tales of Yuria 2: The Gilded Crown (In Development - end of 2023)

Other Series:
1. bio-Synthetica (In Development - 2022/2023)

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!!WARNING!! There is some mild cursing, subtle sexual references and blood. Fictional religion is in my game and any similarities to modern religion was unintentional.

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Testing Phase Has Begun

This game is finally complete. I'm just doing the testing phase with about 5 people. Once we work out the bugs, the game will be available for everyone to play. I'm expecting it to be available in a few weeks... depending on the types of bugs we encounter. Fingers crossed nothing too game-breaking :-)

I'll be sure to keep you all posted. If you haven't already, subscribe to my Discord. You can find the link on this page further down under all my other socials.
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God I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! You do such amazing work and I cannot wait to see what you've created this time!
God I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!!! You do such amazing work and I cannot wait to see what you've created this time!

Aw! Thank you. I'm excited to share it with everyone :-)
Yes! Finally! Ahaha happy to play this after the fun first adventure!
Yes! Finally! Ahaha happy to play this after the fun first adventure!

Hope you like it :-) Thanks for playing!
Is there any other download links?
Is there any other download links?

Is it not working for you? When you first click Download, there's another small link down a bit (under the banner and text) that'll take you to the dropbox download. If you still have issues... let me know.

Glad to see you're looking to play, though! :-)
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