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One night, around half the people in The Continent (it's a pretty laid-back place, nobody really cares to give it a name) receive a mysterious dream. A rather flustered angel broadcasts a "prophecy" to as many people as she can:

"Your world is like, totally doomed.
...Yes, again, but like for real this time!"

Well, this isn't really anything out of the ordinary. There's always some Dark/Evil/Cursed King/Queen/Princess or another raising a fuss in The Continent, some heroines will show up and take care of it eventually.

But who will step up to the plate this time?

There's a medieval knight, a tomboy with a baseball bat, a ninja, a magical girl... honestly, I'm not even sure what kind of time period this game is set in. Occasionally Modern-ish Fantasy-esque?

The playstyle of each character is designed around synergy with other characters, with plenty of powerful team combinations to experiment with. Attack animations are quick and stylish, keeping battles fast-paced and fun.

Also, it's not just the playable characters, Slay the Dark Evil Queen! sports an entirely female cast... wait, are there really no male humans in this entire world? ...Huh.

Heartbreaks and high tensions abound among at least four members of the party, and the fact that the remaining two just won't stop flirting doesn't help much. Will the conflicted couples find it in their hearts to forgive each other despite past conflicts and/or, gasp, breakups?

They better figure things out quick, 'cus that whole doomsday situation isn't going to wait for them to kiss and make up, and the Dark Evil Generals are primed and ready to cause as many problems as they can to impede the party's progress along the way.

...But in the meantime, there's plenty of lighthearted fun to be had. At the end of the day, it's still a game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

With the exception of sparse random encounters on the world map, all encounters are visible on the overworld and contextualized into the world in some way. Furthermore, you'll never be forced to grind or deal with the same encounter more than a couple times, so no one baddie overstays its welcome.

The demo version is now available! This covers the first 2-3 hours of the game, although there are still some placeholder music tracks and sound effects.
Premade saves will be included with the full version if you played the demo, letting you start right from where you left off.

For an occasional chance at getting a glimpse of progress updates:

Discord (Frequent updates and a good place to send in your feedback, but feel free to just lurk, too)
Twitter (Second best option)
Itch.io page (Will probably post more updates there than here)

Latest Blog

Demo release!

The first major public demo is out! I'm having a bit of trouble getting the download submitted to the rmn page, but for now you can find it here:

There's a few hours of gameplay here, and you'll be able to pick up more or less where you left off, using premade saves, if you ever end up buying the full version (can't figure out how to make saves from two different builds of an RPG Maker game compatible).
Be sure to leave a comment on itch, or in the discord, or wherever if you've got feedback or bug reports to share!


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This game looks fun and cute.

Great job so far!
This game looks fun and cute.

Great job so far!

I hope I can get a more finalized public demo polished up and ready to play soon so that this page can be a bit less empty and update-less, haha
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