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Shadowgate ReBorn is a project I've undertaken to better familiarize myself with RPG Maker VX. I chose to remake the NES gem known as Shadowgate, due to my love of the game. I also believed that it would be a good way to learn how VX works.

The latest news about the game can be found at my website: Sy's Side of Things

Now then, as with most remakes, there are some changes. I'll list off what I can. The most obvious change is that this will be in a 3rd-person point of view. I will be using remixes/MIDIs of the game's music rather than the original chiptunes. There have been some script changes. Mostly due to limitations caused by my desire to work with the default graphics. There are some revisions and additions to the script as well. The only imported graphics are the title screen, and the game over screen (which you will be seeing a lot of.). Oh, and currently, the torch time limit system is not in effect yet. Torches do exist, and get used for some things, but that time limit isn't in place as of yet.

Latest Blog

Shadowgate ReBorn Version 1.1

(*copypastes from site*)

Yeah. That didn’t take long. XD
I’d like to thank a certain fierce deity (Mopquill) for running through the game with me to find any bugs or stuff.

As such, a couple of bugs were fixed, and some script revisions have been made. Minor stuff, but worth a release regardless. So head on over to the download page (or use the download button here at RMN if it's not still Pending) and grab v1.1 of the game.

NOTE: Save files should be compatible. Just install the game somewhere then copy your save over. As before, the RTP is not included.
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  • 05/25/2009 02:46 AM
  • 11/29/2017 08:46 AM
  • 08/02/2010
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I'm interested in seeing how this turns out. I'm a fan of Shadowgate as well and was, at one point, attempting to make a point-and-click adventure game just like it. Kudos to you in getting farther than I did. :P Keep this up!
Still working on this? I'm downloading it right now.
Yes, I am occasionally.
It's practically done to the point where I just have to do the finalé, and the ending.
So it's two rooms away from being the full game, as far as Shadowgate is concerned.

But there's some other extra stuff that I wish to add, that I haven't done so yet.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I seem to recall a long, long time ago (in a galaxy- *cough cough*) that in one of the older, now-dead RM communities, someone fully remade Shadowgate in RM2k. Nice to see a VX remake underway!
I think I remember hearing something about that RM2k remake back in the day.
I couldn't find it at the time, so I had assumed it just went belly up.
This interests me.

is it too late for ironhide facepalm
It was actually finished, I actually might have it on one of my older hard drives, because I remember playing it.

While I usually hide from RMVX games, I look forward to playing yours.
This interests me.


Can do.

While I usually hide from RMVX games, I look forward to playing yours.

I don't understand, is there something wrong with RMVX games?
In any case, thanks!
No, there is nothing wrong with vx-games.

but i am also interested in this rm2k shadowgate
43 megs, are you out of your mind?? With that size I am quite interested in how this will pan out.

I have the rm2k remake on my external aswell.
I included the RTP in the download for people who might not have it. That's why the download's that large.
I've played the RM2K version, and while that remains a fairly faithful adaption of the NES version, that was all it was. The problem with Shadowgate is it's a trial and error game. The first half of the game has some mind boggling puzzles, but they all make sense when you put your mind to it. Later puzzles don't provide enough clues. In the end, it just wasn't that great of a game to me. After all, why play a game that is exactly the same as the NES or gameboy counterpart?

So then I tried this demo, and yes, it's a bit of the same old, same old, but there are some charming things about this. For one, the designer had to get creative with the limitation the VX has. A teddy bear instead of a mummy? I'm still laughing at that. And the pixie like creature that pops up whenever the demo ends. I didn't come across any glitches yet, like I did in the 2K version, and navigating around tends to be a little easier. It also helps that I know most of the puzzles now, of course. Also, the fact that the designer is trying to find a suitable ending informs me that he/she is trying to not just make this another port, but actually trying to make it somewhat unique.

Well, it's been several months, anyhow, so hopefully we will get a completed version at some point? Until then, I'll hold off on providing an official review.
It has taken forever (mainly due to life, and some procrastination) but I have completed the game.
Yessirree, Bob! Downloading now.... darn it, or when the download gets posted.
Oh Shadowgate, I remember when I remade thee in programming class.
Shadowgate is the shit. Downloading full version NOW.
Updated the game already. My apologies to those who would have to redownload it.
I can't play it because:

1) The "RGSS202E.dll" file isn't in the folder...and even after I find it, copy, and paste it...

2) It says it cannot find the "RPGVX RTP"...
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