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Game Design

Onix Rift video 03: commentary on how to event a 6 frame character set animation in 2K3.

This video goes through how exactly I chose to go about eventing my 6 frame character set animation in Onix Rift for my hero character set. I think the walk through on how to do it if you want to actually follow along starts at around 24 minutes in. Enjoy guys.

Game Design

Onix Rift video commentary 02 on enemy events.

Another video on enemy events in Onix Rift.

Game Design

Onix Rift video commentary.

Onix Rift video commentary on exploring a couple new features in.


Official rpg maker 2k3 general questions

What's up fellow rmn mongers. I'll cut right to the chase. I've been working away at little details on onix rift whenever I get free time (which isn't very often) and I've found myself reading about the official 2k3 release. Long story short I decided to pony up the 20 bucks and see what it had to offer. It's awesome. It solves one of the big graphical issues in onix rift which is the ability to assign pictures preferred layer priority. So all of the main characters attacks can now be rendered on the proper layer instead of always above weather effects. However I cannot make the switch to the official version due to the loss of the ability to draw text wherever I want on the screen. I achieved this on the unofficial version via a text to picture plugin through dynrpg. Does anyone know if there is an option on the official version that I'm unaware of or if the same text to picture plugin exists on the newest official rpg maker 2k3? I've looked around and I can't seem to find a solution. Just thought I'd ask on here before I gave up all hope. Thanks everyone.

Progress Report

Another update ladies and gentlemen.

Alright guys, I've been slowly plugging away at this thing as often as I can get to it. I've just uploaded the latest iteration of Onix Rift, It's not a ton of added content however it includes two boss battles including the great eagle at the top of the mountain. It also includes a kind of segue into the next dungeon area that is not yet completed, along with introducing the player to the magic system. So if you've played to the end of the previous version this one includes a boss that you haven't played yet and you'll get the ability to use magic. I've also gone with a chrono trigger style world map design that is now integrated into the game.

Magic menu select

World map

So give it a play whenever you get a chance guys, Let me know if some of the map transitions to the over world are confusing and or what you think of the over world introduction into the game in general. It feels to me like it fits good into the game but I'm bias.

Progress Report

Download update addressing recent feed back

Hey guys, just posted a new download addressing some of the bigger complaints I received regarding aimlessness, hero damage animation time, mapping issues among a few other things. I think it's pretty solid and there are a few sprites not quite where I want them quality wise but for the most part I think it's pretty solid. I wouldn't use old save files, as the game is not very long to begin with it's probably worth it to just play it from the beginning. There are added cut scenes with new variables that need updating that weren't there in previous versions so you'll get weird out of place scenes on certain maps if you use an old save file. Anyone that has time to kill I love the feed back, feel free to rip the game apart and let me know what gave you problems.
Thanks to Kaempfer and dragonheartman. You guys are on point with your advice and the video was invaluable

Progress Report

Thanks to kaempfer feed back

Hey ladies, players and all you RPG slayers, thanks for all the views and downloads. Thanks to kaempfer's feed back I'm currently updating some things in Onix Rift. After the initial cut scene I am adding a few scenes and events to help guide the player along a little better. Also a scene or two that were originally planned a bit further in the story but I think putting it in earlier feels better and helps feed the player a little more info at an earlier stage. The download is not updated yet but will be in the next few days. Thanks everybody that's taken the time to check out my game page and download the game so far. I hope everyone that's downloaded it has enjoyed what they've played.


Hey you download fiends

Hey guys, I was able to test my download with another computer that does not have the 2k3 editor installed or the RTP and upon opening the project folder and running the game it ran great. I guess I did set it up correctly to run without the RTP. So when you download the game you don't have to bother with the set up or anything else at all. Simply open the "Onix Rift" project folder and start the game file.

Also, if anyone is interested and has the extra free time, I would love some feedback. Not looking for a full review or anything as there is only +/- an hour of game play or so. Just a comment here on the gamepage with your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Particularly on the combat and how it is presented to the player. Also game balance is something I've struggled with especially with enemy stats. Or just anything that stuck out to you as a player. It's hard to see sometimes, I've test played this thing probably 10,000 times so an outside perspective would be greatly valued. Cheers everyone


First official bug fix

Just uploaded a new download as I discovered an issue when a skill was in use and an item in use resulting in attack button issues. This should work properly now. I will not be uploading a new download after every little fix, however this was something that effected the flow of game play and was an easy enough fix.


Let the shit show begin boys

Alright anyone that was watching for a download It's up and ready for action. First of all, It's my first download I've added and I don't think I got it to run as a standalone game so I've included the setup exe with the zip folder. If you end up running the setup you'll have to add the dynRPG files into the project folder after it's installed. worst case scenario only people with the 2k3 editor will be able to play it but I don't believe that's the case. I think I've included everything to make at least some people be able to play it. Sorry It's not as simple as it can be, I hope to figure it out and in the future be confident that what I upload is basically a standalone game that any one can download and have at it with just a couple of clicks. Thanks to all 4 of the people that subbed the project. Ya'll are the real MVP's. Cheers
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