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Official rpg maker 2k3 general questions

What's up fellow rmn mongers. I'll cut right to the chase. I've been working away at little details on onix rift whenever I get free time (which isn't very often) and I've found myself reading about the official 2k3 release. Long story short I decided to pony up the 20 bucks and see what it had to offer. It's awesome. It solves one of the big graphical issues in onix rift which is the ability to assign pictures preferred layer priority. So all of the main characters attacks can now be rendered on the proper layer instead of always above weather effects. However I cannot make the switch to the official version due to the loss of the ability to draw text wherever I want on the screen. I achieved this on the unofficial version via a text to picture plugin through dynrpg. Does anyone know if there is an option on the official version that I'm unaware of or if the same text to picture plugin exists on the newest official rpg maker 2k3? I've looked around and I can't seem to find a solution. Just thought I'd ask on here before I gave up all hope. Thanks everyone.


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There exists a text to picture tool. I guess it does create a material picture though (not like a text that would morph into a picture): https://rpgmaker.net/engines/custom/utilities/78/.
Else, Soeufans has been toying a lot with text options for his game, maybe you should ask him?
Maniacs patch have the same feature of the dyntext plugin more or less it's called string picture.

Topic here on rmn:

Some info about the various features of the patch(use a translator the site is only japanese):

latest version(before using the patch make a backup of the rpgmaker folder):

Put this in the main tool folder after apply the patch(It has to do with one of the new commands entered including string variables ):
Thanks for the responses guys. These suggestions should give me a great place to start. Thanks alot gari and kaine87.
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