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Onix Rift video 04 commentary.

Commentary on new animations and improved boss mechanics.


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New item animation looks really good, and the speed is nice and smooth. Really improves the flow. I think it'll encourage item use, too.. I also like the new conditional damage animation idea. I think 1/3rd might be a bit better for the big "downed animation", since that seems like a huge enough hit. Half your HP in one hit is pretty much... you're gonna die now, haha. The other thing is (not sure how hard this would be) it might be cool to see the item icon inside the little bubble of the item jump. So it looks like he throws the item above his head and we see it. It's just aesthetic, but it would be cool if it's too much work.

The flash for the animation looks good, but you might want to tone it down for people who have trouble with flashing lights for whatever reason. I try to keep flashes well below max power whenever I can, just in case.

Boss camera looks great, transitions really smoothly, it's one of those things that I think players won't notice at first but they'll just appreciate that it feels right.

I sucked too bad to make it to the eagle when I played, but that scene of climbing the cliff and the cave fades into the exterior is cool as hell, sad I missed it. You spelled mirage wrong for the boss skill, though, heh. I think if you implemented a bonus to LP gain when you get hit from Gale might be a good idea and would help synergize with his new weakness. Sort of a "shitty that I got hit by a skill, but good that lets me retaliate". Also helps item hoarders get the hint that they're supposed to spam limit breaks/special skills.

Overall a cool update, new sprite art is definitely looking better and better each time. Still really pushing RM2k3 into a new dimension of gameplay, can't wait to see what's next.

Stay safe out there.

p.s. Moonsong has barrels with items in them... just sayin' maybe it was that you were playing. ;D
Hey Kaemp how are you doing? I hope all is well on the development front. You're great dude, you're always fantastic for solid feed back.

- I think you're right about the 1/3rd damage being that happy number for big hits, you make a good point. It's really simple to play with those damage numbers so that's a real simple one to play with.

- I like that idea about the item icon being inside the bubble when items are used. It's actually really not going to be hard at all. All of the hero animations for the item use frames are pictures so I can pretty easily add a battle animation over the top of the hero frames with out any animation conflicts. The only thing that would change during the item call common event would be a conditional branch with different BA depending on what item was used.

- I always wonder about my screen flash calls. I always do, I think, like half power but I have wondered if it is too much still. Now I have a frame of reference to approach screen flashes from. I'm glad you mentioned this, maybe I need to bring that flash's power down more.

- To be fair, I think when you played the gem top enemies were pretty brutal DEF stats. I've since rebalanced enemy stats and I think those guys are a little easier to take out. I still think I might bring them down more still. Either way, I'm glad you noticed that screen transition! I was pretty happy with the way that one turned out myself as well.

- Thank you for the spelling correction. "Mirage" will be addressed.

- Yes, I believe the file I was playing during that video I was over leveled. Typically when I play through and fight the eagle I'm around like level 7 or 8 maybe?? and any spell cast by the eagle completely fills up the LP bar after getting hit. I agree with you on the Gale attack giving the hero a big enough LP boost to retaliate and that is how I intended the boss to play out I think I was playing a file where I was like level 10 or something. Either way, maybe I'll put some failsafe eventing to be sure the player gets that max LP bonus after big spells are cast.

Thanks a bunch for the feed back my man, it's always really great input from you. Dude, it might have been moonsong I was playing now that you mention it. After I hit you up about evoker a while back I did go back to moonsong and was giving it a play through and there's only a couple 2k3 games I've played in the past month or two.

P.S. I hope Evoker is getting some love once and a while.
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