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In-universe epigraph:
"... somewhere in a square reality, closer to
its left side, a big bang happened, creating the
very first shackles for the emptiness ..."

rambling Description:
It's a short surreal escape-the-toom game I've made years ago but only now I've gathered enough strength to do a translation. It's a combination of sort-of text graphic and surreal/literal/pun logic puzzle experience.
Music by 'Theodor Bastard' (they usually do promote their music via open sources) and graphics (if you could call it that) mostly by me.

Looking at it now, years later, I see it does indeed suffer a bit from teenage-me edgy writing, but, believe it or not, it is a part of bigger coherent lore and setting. Hopefully, I'll finish the other game based on this lore and won't think years before translating it.

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This was pretty neat, it kind of got frustrating in the adventure game logic that things only move forward when you try things you've already looked at even though it seems like there are no state changes.

I was kind of hoping for the literalness of the words to play into some kind of concept to explore via the gameplay or how you interface with the world. Even some aesthetic randomness like a key shape with door words or a door shaped with "key" would have done something. The closest it got I guess was the heart icon being associated with an actual word despite not being one.

The experience felt pretty different from most rm games though, transporting to the end was a decent payoff so much so that it was more interesting than the base game itself, it felt very existential and the start of an interesting doomsday premise. Though as you said you had this whole world figured out so sounds interesting.

Edit: oh yeah forgot to mention it reminded me of a video about a guy with a split brain, the way he processes the visual/literal in the experiments are interesting.

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