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Project Heaven Demo

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1000 years ago...

An evil force tried to take over the world.

But eight heroes each with the power of the elements fought against them in attempt to save the world.

After a long battle...

With one final cut...

The heroes emerge victorious.

Upon seeing this, the goddess of this world and her guardi/f*/234zavuj6Dn...

The story takes place in the present. Zeto, an individual who hates people is forced to go on a journey with Luna an energetic outgoing girl. They obtain "special powers" making them target of an organization that's trying to get rid of all "evil" of this world. Will this journey change the way Zeto views the world? It's up to the player's decision...



This is the guy who hates people.


The energetic outgoing girl we mentioned before.


Can't describe something I can't understand.

There's more character's but... hey it's a secret for now.....

Site to track progress:


Right now the game is currently a demo. So currently testing the waters. Not sure what else to write D:

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this reminds me of Madoka Magica
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