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Progress Report

Dungeon Master of Rangea Continent version 3.02

In the previous build, I balanced the end game so much I forgot about the early game.
Therefore this update is focused on early game balance.

Reim's and Lyrica's changes:
- Relocate Lyrica's weapon chest in dungeon 2 so it can be found easier.
- Add end game equipment in dungeon 2 where Lyrica's weapon chest used to be.
- Combine Lyrica's skills, Power Down and Vitality Down, into one skill.
- Add healing skill for Lyrica.
- Increase Reim's and Lyrica's starting level.
- Decrease Reim's twin blade TP cost.
- Increase Reim's Max MP.

Another changes:
- Decrease the level required to learn new skills for every playable character.
- Change Sean's ultimate skill, Crippling Volley, from <2x ATK & AGI> <1 hit> to <1x ATK & AGI> <3 hits>.
- Increase Sean's and Estelle's healing output.
- Change Demon Fighters' skill in dungeon 1 so they cannot one shot Philia and Erika anymore.
- Other minor balancing.


Dungeon Master of Rangea Continent version 3.01

I was playing this game for old times' sake then I realized the playable characters are really unbalanced. One character is so tanky he makes the final boss attack feel like a joke and the others are literal glass cannons. So I tried to balance it. I also add more equipment while I’m at it.

-Balancing all playable characters' Stats (mainly increasing Max HP, DEF and MDF).
-Increase healing output of every playable characters’ healing skills.
-Increase Estelle's and Hawg's passive healing.
-Change Estelle's VIT UP into Barrier of Promise.
-Buff one of the Final Boss since Estelle has Barrier of Promise.
-Balancing and adding more equipment.
-Fix some typos.

Progress Report

Dungeon Master of Rangea Continent version 3.00

Dungeon Master of Rangea Continent is finished!
- Added Act 3: Descendant and Reincarnation.
- Added 2 playable characters (one of them already present in previous build).
- Added CG to every character's ultimate skill.

There are also some changes and bug fixes.
- Give the enemies debuff at Philia's solo section to make progressing easier.
- Now you can open multiple pouches at once.
- Added save screens at the end of every act.
- Balancing playable characters and enemies.
- Balancing skills and change skills' names.
- Increase max level from 30 to 60.
- Some dialogue changes.
- Fixed the bug when wrong BGM used in Hoppit Toh boss battle.
- Tranquility can now remove MMP and MHP debuff.

Enjoy and please send me your feedback!

Progress Report

Dungeon Master of Rangea Continent Version 2.00

Second Episode is Here!
There are also some changes and minor bug fixes.

- Added Act 2: Fall of The Princess.
- Added six new characters (one of them is playable).
- Added new skills for each characters.
- Change Lyrica's passive from "Immune to curse" to "Immune to all status ailments".
- Minor changes in skill name.
- Minor dialogue fixes.

Gameplay is about 4 hours (including the first episode).
Enjoy and please send me your feedback!

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