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-Not what you might expect-

Life was uneventful, and rightfully so, for a charming, precious pig on the farm… until that particular morning.
A most unwelcome situation needed to be rectified, and our little pink hero faced the risks alone.

MZN’ BCN is a short, boss-only RPG with a silly comedy gimmick that might get old fast.

Not unlike social experiments, it isn’t impossible that you learn something about yourself in the end or have your own interpretation of the game’s content.
For best results, you might want to beat the game twice in a single sitting.

This game was made for the Trials of RPG Maker MZ event.

-Short and simple, beatable under 15~20 minutes.
-Puzzle-like battles. Once you find out what to use against the bosses, you shouldn’t have much trouble.
-Save anywhere outside battle. Reload if you make a bad purchase or if you forget to equip the right stuff.
-Recommended for Let’s Players who like to read the text aloud... Or maybe not.

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Check out MZN' BCN now! A mind blowing gaming experience!

And you can VOTE for your favorite entry MZN' BCN in the Trials of MZ event if you follow this EASY link:

YOU ROCK if you spread MZN' BCN on Twitter, Instagram and pester PewDiePie to play it!

Here are legit comments from amazing people who played it:

"I appreciate the... Game"

"...this game is... comprehensible"

"Just keep eating my sh*t!"

But seriously:

"This is one of my favorite RPG Maker things ever."
"I love the ending. Adds a whole new perspective."

"ahaha that was a great idea... at first I was puzzled, then confused, then annoyed, then I wanted to win! Then I saw the light... and then I was thriumphant!"

"I would not be playing this again"
  • Completed
  • Avee
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • RPG
  • 09/21/2020 08:39 PM
  • 10/12/2020 07:06 PM
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I'm a dog pirate
This is unironically awesome. That last boss fight, man. Nice red herring.
Thanks for playing! :)

About that final boss:
The intended way to beat him was to always Guard and use the 100 TP skill twice, but if he gets the first turn you're forced to buff your speed at least once.
The proper equipment and a few HP healing items are also needed.
I did not test beating him with any other attacks.
I'm a dog pirate
Ah. I was unable to find a pattern in which the 100 TP skill worked. I figured it was a red herring joke skill, especially given the hinted name of the skill.
Nah I killed him twice with that 100tp skills. But you need healing too or you can't survive, I guess... :) oddly the one who gave more problem was the mushroom child and two old men because of the *three* required items...

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