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Trouble is brewing beneath the town of Brimestone, citizens are scared to venture outside. King has asked the famed adventurers for help, the ones who saved the miners of Blackstone Mine. Venture beneath the town into the sewers to rescue the princess from the vile beasts.


*Return of Aluxes, Estelar & Hilda from Blackstone Mine.
*Next adventure in Micro Quest Series.
*JRPG turn-based battles.
*6 levels dungeon.
*Top-down view with FPV (First Person View) battles.

Latest Blog

Micro Quest: Beneath Brimestone FULL RELEASE.

Hello World,
Hope you all are safe & healthy. Well, have completely developed the 2nd Micro Quest game. All the features & story events have been added, only improvements & bug fixes will be done in the future (hope no game-breaking bugs this time). Please download & play the game. Also, leave your suggestions in the comments. Enjoy.

Version 1.0.0:
Added Dungeon Maps "SEWERS 4", "SEWERS 5", "SEWERS 6".
Added "JAIL ROOM" & SEWER ROOM maps.
Added Town Map "BRIMESTONE".
Added New Enemies.
Added New Troops.
Added Boss Enemy & Troop.
Added Boss Event to map "SEWERS 6".
Changes made to the enemies' stats.
Added new NPCs.
Added Dialogues to new NPCs.
Added new NPCs Events to various maps.
Changes were made to the layout of the "SEWERS ENT" map.
Removed irrelevant NPCs, NPC Dialogues & NPC Events.
Changes made to Random Encounters.
Removed "TRADER" NPC & Event.
Added "SHOP KEEPER" NPC & Event.
Added Treasure Chests.
Added teleportation crystals to Sewer Maps & Town.
Added a new additional intro to the game.
Added credits to the game.
Added new BGM to the game.
Added a new Ending scene to the game.
Changed the stats of the enemies.
Changed the skills of the enemies.
Added new skills to the playable characters.
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  • WickedRoger
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  • 09/22/2020 06:06 PM
  • 08/05/2021 03:09 PM
  • 08/03/2021
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This is what I was looking for. I was looking for RTP content games. I actually have a lot of custom content for RPG Maker XP, and 2K3 as well.
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