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Micro Quest: Beneath Brimestone Alpha Released

Hello World,

My second game & Micro Quest sequel is released in an alpha state for RPG Maker 31st birthday event. Would've released it as a full game, couldn't finish it in time for the event's deadline. Apologies for that, will continue working on the game. So whats added:

*Basic enemies.
*Basic dialogue.
*Primary quest objective.
*Basic skills equipment, items & potions.
*3 dungeon levels.
*Transport system.

Planned Features:
*Full town.
*Intermediate & advance enemies.
* High-level equipment, items & skills.
*Proper dialogue including playable characters.
*More dungeon levels.
*Final boss.
*Maybe a sub-quests.

Well, that's for this blog. Watch this space for more upcoming info on the project. Please leave your comments & feedback on the project.