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Yet another game set in a high fantasy world with a very real and relatable plot.

Sabal is a Dark Elf married to a human named Kerrigan. It was quite the scandal. Dark Elves had, after all, invaded the surface world and caused havoc, in an attempt of conquest, but that was years ago and Sabal didn't do anything wrong! Her mother-in-law is furious that her son married a Dark Elf, but that's not all she's furious about. Like it or not, Sabal is family now, but she can't seem to produce a grandchild for her mother-in-law. She and Kerrigan have been trying really hard! To the point that they're worn out and sore. Well, Just No Mother-In-Law may have a solution. She tells them of a wise man who lives in the forest. They go to him and he may have a solution! But it turns out that on the quest for motherhood, things aren't always what they seem, and simple answers to difficult problems can go unnoticed right under your nose.

Uses the revolutionary features of...
  • Basic RTP: absolutely no custom assets.
  • A little bit of uniqueness using the actually rather nice built in face generator.
  • Random encounters! No touch encounters this time! Set to 45 feet, will you make it 50 paces, or will you have an encounter every step? I don't know! It could be anywhere in that range! FIND OUT!
  • Barely any databasing! I just balanced a few things and made some monsters and extra items with the built in assets because since this event is RTP only, let's go as basic as possible! I don't think it's actually bad. I faced enemies on a solid difficulty level, and even managed to make a few of them legitimately complex, such as the Dark elves who might heal when their HP is low and will absolutely run when you've got them below 15% of their HP.
  • My personal brand of story-telling. Do you enjoy the stories I tell? I took this project as seriously as any other!
  • Doing my damnedest to make this game look it's best with the resources on hand. I bent over backwards to make these RTP maps look good, and I used regions to do a bunch of charming little things, such as keeping you off of the shrubbery and determining what you encounter on certain parts of the map or whether you even encounter anything at all. I even did a little light database breaking with one of the enemy encounters, successfully making a friendly enemy encounter.

TL;DR, I tried my best to make a game that I thought most RPG lovers would genuinely enjoy, restricted to resources that I wouldn't ordinarily use for a game I share with the public, and I certainly hope you enjoy it.

Latest Blog

Finally fixed!!!

Thanks to a game jam from rpgmakerweb.com, I have finally been able to fix this game! With a trial version of MZ available for a month, I've been able to make this game work. I've corrected the overt problems I'm aware of and touched up a bit of the dialogue. I did not correct typos.

I can finally mark this game off of my regrets list! I hope people like it!
  • Completed
  • pianotm
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Adventure RPG
  • 09/23/2020 09:30 PM
  • 06/21/2021 10:56 PM
  • 09/23/2020
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Sorry PianoTM,
I downloaded your test game, but the characters are invisible on the start screen (with all RTP installed: 2000, 2003, XP,VX and VX Ace), though I can move them and interact with chest using the mouse. I wished to post a screen copy, but I don't know how.
Could it be a missing file issue?
Thank you for the answer,
Old Timer
Guardian of the Description Thread
I uploaded the version on this gamepage shortly after playing the original version on the event page. However, I was a little curious to see what Old_Timer was talking about. What I saw after I selected "New Game" from the title menu was this.

This isn't s a case of the character sprites missing, as I can see the files in the "img" directory. However, it's clearly a case of the initial hero position being not where it's supposed to be, and that the graphics might not be set until after what should be the introduction event.

*Edit: It breaks my heart to consider that piano probably isn't in any kind of position to fix this. His MZ trial has probably expired by now. If he wins the MZ event, and gets the full version, that would be one thing. However, I wouldn't necessarily count on that. ;_;
Thank you very much, Marrend: your link saved the day! I now start with Sabal and Kerrigan in their bed ("Oh...what a night."!!!) and all seems to run rightly afterwards. Congrats for the diagnosis!
Old Timer
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Key expired.
It will probably be a year at least before this gets fixed. I simply cannot afford MZ.
Guardian of the Description Thread
If you're running the event version, be advised that it contains a bug the version on this gamepage was trying to fix. There is a staircase in the last dungeon that has an incorrect map transfer, and it's a staircase that leads to the remainder of the game. So, while you can get quite far, you won't be able to complete the game.
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