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This game was created for the Just RTP Game Jam (August-September 2020).
THEME: In Search for a Miracle
GENRE: Fantasy

The game is a prototype! If you find any bug, or you just want to give your feedback, please leave a comment below!

We all want to make our wishes come true.
Every night I used to watch the stars with her
and dreamt with open eyes.

She used to say, “Don’t tell me your wish,
or the miracle won’t ever happen!"

I never was one to believe in
children stories and fairy tales.
And I never thought the
legend of Reliquia to be true.

Reliquia is a game about three adventurers looking for a miraculous artifact that can make any wish come true. But just one of them will be able to fulfill his dream and the other two are doomed to be consumed by the artifact.
You'll discover events from the characters' backstory after you defeat each boss (Entity) in the game, and your choices will lead you to one of three different endings.

Vagrant is an aggressive character that can slice his foes with his trusted scimitar. He has two stances in combat: Nomad and Shaytan Dance. In the first mode, Vagrant will be less aggressive and will recover SPs each turn, while in the second mode, Vagrant will gain a new kit of skills (mainly Fire-based skills) and he'll become a classic glass-cannon type of character. While in Shaytan Dance, Vagrant will lose HPs and SPs each turn, but he'll be much more powerful.

Hunter is a tough gunweilder. Each firearm will change his SP pool (ammunition) and he'll be able to shoot one or more bullets in the same turn.
He can also use his defensive skills to protect his allies, or infuse the remaining bullets with different elements.
Finally, he can Reload all the bullets in his weapon. But having a full magazine isn't always the better choice: thanks to his passive skill "Danger Sense", if Hunter runs out of bullets, he will increase his defense.

Sorceress is a magic user that draws strength from the stars. She has two stances: Sun and Moon Phases. In the first Phase, Sorceress can use her healing and supportive spells, while in the second Phase, she will damage and debuff enemies. Thanks to her passive skill "Astral Phase", Sorceress will change Phase each time her SPs reach zero. She can also trigger manually the Astral Phase by using Solar/Lunar Eclipse, that will consume all the remaining SPs and will heal allies or damage foes, respectively.

- 2~2:30 hours long
- 3 Endings
- Classic turn based combat.
- Melee & Guard: each skill will act according to the user's Agility, but Melee & Guard work differently. Guard always act first, will halve the incoming damage for the current turn and restores user's HPs. Melee attack will act just after Guard and will deal 30 fixed damage to the target. Use it to finish weaker foes.
- Weapon Skills: Vagrant and Sorceress gain new abilities based on their equipped weapon, while Hunter varies his SP pool.
- Characters won't level up, but they gain Memory Points, the game's currency.
- With Memory Points you can materialize new items or learn new skills.
- There's no Game Over! If you lose a battle, you lose half of your Memory Points and you'll respawn at the last checkpoint.
- Customize your characters with Mementos (Accessories) and by forging Runes (Upgrades).
- Exploration skills: each time you defeat an Entity, you'll gain a new exploration skill that will unlock new passages in the Temple.
- Challenging experience: the game might be a bit hard, but if you lose a couple of times, you'll unlock some powerful equipment that will help you completing the game (use these at your discretion).

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I updated the download with the Version 1.01.

- Bug Fix: the Last Boss had 1HP in the previous version. Now it's fixed! Download the latest version to face the final battle properly, or play the 1.0 if you want an easy win! :)

Version 1.02 Update:
- Sorceress third skill couldn't be learnt if you got the second skill.
- Added Green glyphs to show teleport tiles.
- Removed a possible softlock in Burning Halls.
Edit: Remembered some bug details.

I went ahead and gave this a shot since I enjoyed theia so much. The writing is good for what's there. The gameplay didn't give me any kind of trouble though. 0 losses and maybe a character ko'd maybe 3 times total throughout the whole game, and this is with the hidden boss killed. Also found some minor bugs. None of em hurt anything though.

1. Whenever you pick up a rune shard, it will sometimes leave collision behind. Not a big deal and doesn't always happen. It might be the one in the bottom right outside of the main entrance of the ancient runes (bottom right of locked door). That's the one that sticks out the most in my memory.

2. There is a passability error just outside the lightning runes. It's one of the walls.

3. There is a passability error inside the lightning runes. It's a wall near the bottom right torch (the torches that light automatically when you light a different torch).

4. In the lightning place, the ground doesn't light up to show a random encounter on top of the jump rune spot. Not a big deal but it did get me once because I thought it was safe. Ended up having to kill the tanky mob instead.

5. Kaba's helm drains your hp on the overworld, but I'm not sure what the point of that is when you start battles at full hp anyways. Even if it actually did drain my hp, I had a plan to just unequip it and then reequip it right before battles since they aren't random.

6. Burn status being disrupted by attacks makes inflicting burn on enemies kind of pointless. Not sure if this was intended.

Next I'll give my thoughts. I'm not going to comment on the writing because there wasn't all that much of it. Only so much you can do with a time contraint game and I thought what was there was fine. I could question things from a logic standpoint, but for a game focused on gameplay I think it's better to enjoy what writing is there.

The end game dungeon weapons are way better than anything else I got. Gunmetal rose in particular hits all enemies with high damage and barely misses despite claiming low accuracy.

Memento's are a bit weird. I don't particularly like the resist ones much because I have no way to really know what I'll be fighting against. I found the stat buff one's really good though. Kaba's helm pairs nicely with vagrants end game weapon ability in particular. Hunter had tristans boots (swapped to azaros memories after my boss win). Sorceress had cideris's gloves and the lich staff. Death touch is op and my main source of locking down the damage on the hidden boss.

Runes I felt like only the third one really help. The rest were just there as a bonus. Vagrant crit, hunter aggro, and sorc all stats are what I went with.

I found the strat was to pick two good skills, ignore the third and invest in healing items. I didn't even grind and I still ended up with quite a bit.

Vagrant: Learned slashing step (very first thing I learned because aoe op) and second wind. Honestly I think I used second wind a single time for the heal. The buff in his other stance didn't feel worth the turn with the sp drain going and him having a buff for the very first turn of it anyways. I think I probably wouldn't of used his last stance. I didn't really ever need less aggro with hunter protecting me when low, and I wouldn't have wasted turns trying to counter when there was no guarantee he'd get it off when I could be attacking in shaytan form.

Hunter: I never infused his bullets. There was no good way to know elemental weaknesses or even how much they'd help. I'd much rather be using fan the hammer, devotion, or protection. Gunmetal rose replaced fan the hammer for me in the late game. I'd still use shot against single targets though.

Sorceress: Avoided the aggro skill because hunter still kept me alive just fine. Her concept is pretty cool although I think staying in her light form is the strat for an emergency aoe heal. I found her lunar forms heal not as useful because I could just do that, and having her already low max hp drain wasn't ideal. I can kind of see it with hunters protection skill though. In the end game she spammed death touch for me because that debuff is a major help.

Overall I think the gameplay was the most interesting aspect of the game. I liked the form shifting and some of the skills. There was never any reason for me to attack, and I only ever saw a point to guarding if the enemy announced a powerful attack coming.

I think it was a pretty good game overall, especially so since it had a deadline.
Wow thanks a lot for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm aware of the game's weak points, and I will surely learn something from the feedback I'm receiving ^^
There are many many many things to fix and balance, and I'll improve the game if I decide to make a final polished release : )
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