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The town of Middlegate is in dire straits. Tucked away in a barren valley, it's resources are warning thin. There is one hope, though. The Warp Crystals. Perhaps if they are re-activated, they might find land more hospitable to their needs, or perhaps find another settlement to trade with. The journey would no doubt be a difficult one. Enter the mercenary, Roy. While aloof to their particular plight, he's willing to investigate their suspicions. For the right price.

This game was made during the Trials of MZ event. Features include on-screen encounters than can be automatically defeated (given that you defeated the area boss), and New Game Plus.

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Relationships to other games?

So, you might have noticed that this game shares a name with another game. While the setting of that game was more fantasy, it was still mostly post-apocalyptic, in it's own way.

I actually think of this game as a meeting point between the original Heaven's Gate, and Bunker 9, as it kinda took inspiration from both. Though, you might argue that Bunker 9 and Heaven's Gate are related in that they both concern themselves with interdimensional portals, with Bunker 9 having hints and suggestions leaning towards being in the Matusomri Series (ie: these three games).

The original Heaven's Gate had no such referencing to previous games. If anything, it was build as a small love-letter to the Might and Magic series. That's a property this game retains in it's own way, but, the referencing to the Matsumori Series is certainly more observable. Of course, Masako (Matsumori Days, Konae's Investigations)has a cameo appearance as the innkeeper in Middlegate. That much I provided as public information. However, and this might be considered a minor spoiler here...

...she also provides the final boss fight. She's certainly not as tough as she could be! However, given the limitation of no plug-ins, and that it probably wouldn't feel fair if she just wiped you regardless of what you could do, well, I'd like to think I did what I could.

Actually, I'm looking at my games, and there's a mess of tie-ins! Naturally, the "Matsumori Series" are tied to each other. However, there is a cameo of Princess Gojo Sakura (Chance Encounter, Oracle of Askigaga) in Arbiters From Another World. This was absolutely done on purpose to link Oracle of Askigaga to the Matsumori Series, and gives players another look into the world in which the cast from Arbiters From Another World came from. However, the cameos of Mina (Arbiters From Another World) and Masako in Baclyea Revolution were expressly not intended to link that game to anywhere else. Rest easy, the cameos that exist in Baclyea Revolution are just cameos!

So! While I'm not sure if this train of thought was going in this direction, maybe I should veer away from the interconnections a tad? Maybe. Then again, I have, on more than one occasion, considered a remake of Uchioniko, and have done a little bit of work in that regard? I dunno. It seems all I do anymore is event-games. Not that such is a bad thing, necessarily because I earn more MakerScore that way, but, it might be nice to do something completely and utterly unrelated to anything I've done so far. I was kinda hoping the Trials of MV event would get my creative juices pumping, and create that opportunity. Yet, here we are.
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  • 09/24/2020 01:42 PM
  • 10/10/2020 11:11 PM
  • 09/23/2020
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I didn't keep an eye on the equipment shop, so the second boss took about ONE HOUR to defeat. I've never used first aid so many times in a single battle. Other than that I also find that the spell descriptions regarding magic power are wildly inaccurate. The most OP spells in the game are the two ultimate buff and debuff skills and debuff spells also do huge damage for some reason, way more than anything else I had. After the one hour boss fight it seems that all the other bosses like to artificially extend the battle as well since they all have heals (sometimes healing for 1000~) which is ridiculous. But luckily the ultimate buff spell is so broken that there was no real threat of dying despite how long they can delay the inevitable.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm frankly surprised the second boss is even doable with basic equipment! That wasn't something I considered testing. I'd image the encounters in that dungeon were tougher for you as well. Unless you just went past them because you could?

My trial ran out, so I can't really double-check the damage numbers on the buffs/debuffs.
I tried fighting some fairies in area 2, they killed me in about 2 turns after spamming silence. So i skipped all the randoms until the area boss was cleared. (I liked that battle skipping mechanic too, they'd kill me otherwise)
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