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Version 1.5 released!

Version 1.5 is now released! Browser version has been updated to the latest one.

- Enemy player touch detection has been overhauled is now more precise, leading to a smoother experience overall.

- Projectile hit detection has also been overhauled and greatly improved.

- Projectile is no longer bound to the grid, meaning shooting lasers while jumping or falling is now much more precise.

- Boosted accuracy of Full-Auto by 10%.

- A few minor changes to cutscenes.


Browser version added + version 1.4

A browser version of the game has been added, you can play it here!

Also updated the game to version 1.4. This one contains mostly a few dialogue fixes.


Version 1.2.5 and macOS version released!

- Enemies now use an evented collision system instead of the default Event Touch, so the collision of player with enemies works much better than it used to.

- There's now a Timer in the platforming stages, giving a bonus score depending on how fast the player completes the stage.

Also added a macOS version.


Version 1.2 released

- The speed of turn based combat has been significantly increased.

- The Clown boss fight has been expanded a bit, featuring a new hazard to be avoided by jumping or moving out of the way.


Version 1.1 released

Pretty much the only thing that's different is that jumping now works correctly even with Always Dash on.


Final Score

Post your final score here if you want!

The best one I got was 14258 :)


Minor bug fixes

Uploaded a new version with minor bug fixes:

-Fixed two spots in the Forest level and two in Mountaintop Lair level where you could get stuck in the air if you jumped upwards while holding shift.

-Corrected a few spelling mistakes

-After defeating the Final Boss, the game no longer says that the Clown Boss has been defeated.


Game download added

You can now download the game. Lemme know what you think and I hope you enjoy it! :)
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