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Pick a class!
Crawl through some caves!
Fight enemies in solo turn-based combat!

The Soul Child has been summoned by Prince Aremen to kill the forces of evil. To test her strength, the Prince abandons her at the Summoning Circle, which happens to be deep in a cave full of dangerous Goblins. The only way for her to make it out alive is to grow stronger and give those Goblins an eviction notice! But do these creatures really deserve her wrath? And what is the real reason for her summoning?

Note: this is a demo of a small project created for the Trials of RPG Maker MZ event.

Here's something I whipped up in about 12-ish hours of free time after binging a bunch of DQ-style RM games by Kentona and Ephiam. It was basically an exercise in balancing, small numbers, dungeon crawling, and so forth. Every stat counts in this game: HP totals are low, margins are thin, and defensive stats MATTER. You start off as a weak Soul Child, and every item that you find will help you with the next fight. Once you're able to pick a class, though, things will become a little bit easier...for now.

There are hints at some rather dark story directions in here, but it's mostly about trying out classes in solo turn-based content. Most of my time was spent on thinking about how to balance it and how to make each class work with only 1 or 2 skills available without going overly complex. I could've done more, but I tried to keep it simple like early game Dragon Quest. I think it's a semi-decent beginning, but it's not for everyone. Not by a longshot. I'll let you be the judge.

Combat can be somewhat difficult and unforgiving. Ambushed by three physical attackers as a Sorcerer? You may want to run. Up against a group of cast-heavy gnomes? Laugh as their spells do 0 damage! I did try to tone down the difficulty to prevent it from being overly hardcore. Still, I recommend saving often.

The most fun class to play is Sniper, followed by Sorcerer. Assassin is fun but stealing isn't particularly amazing here. Juggernaut is probably the dullest of the classes since it's early game and tanks aren't amazing solo.

Available Classes:

Sniper - deals lots of bursty physical damage, but is a little weak defensively and requires decent management of three skills. Capable of bribing NPCs.

Assassin - decent double attacks and a steal command that will ensure that you never run out of gold (not that you need much gold anyway, since you can't even get to the first town). Capable of picking locks.

Juggernaut - Kind of bland and relatively easy in the early game, the juggernaut doesn't take much damage but doesn't deal much either. Buff/debuff management is key. It'll be more of a team player going forward.

Sorcerer - Typical black mage, though pretty darn squishy against physical attacks or damage-ignoring combos. MP management is key, because you will have to pay a HP penalty during battle to restore MP. Plan things out wisely.

Other classes not available yet:

Mercenary (versatile tool user), Sage (healer), Marauder (physical damage dealer with a bit of berserker thrown in), and Battlemancer (red mage who can equip anything - strong when min-maxed to cater to the situation).

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