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QoL Update Released!

  • Puddor
  • 10/07/2020 04:46 AM
After taking a little longer than intended for that last bit of polish, Fragment's QoL and final update has arrived. No dialogue or story beats have changed, but there's now NPC dialogue and the few errors present in the original script have been removed.

The game has also been rebalanced. Among these changes are harder and more strategic-aimed fights, a slight chance of failure applied to Reid's counter, new Interruptable casts, and dynamic enemy spawns. The game still leans into the easier-than-hard category due to the possible abilities you can bring, but get significantly harder if you leave the skill tree alone (which I obviously don't want, but hey if you beat it without let me know?)

There's a few other changes, most of which are listed in the previous blog. If you enjoyed the strict RTP version of Fragment, please give this one a go as a more complete and fluid experience.

If reviewing the game, please specify if its for the MZ Trial Event or for the finalised QoL version.