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Version 1.1 released!

I am proud and happy to announce that version 1.1 of From the Light is now available for download!

About 1.1

So From the Light was released as an RTP-only game for the Trials of MZ event. While it was far from winning the event, most people who played it, expressed that the game had potential but was just not good enough in its 1.0 state. So I was encouraged to keep working on it and version 1.1 is the version I hoped I could have released for the event. Alas a lack of time and skill meant, that this couldn't happen.


Version 1.1 brings a nearly complete overhaul to the game. I revised all enemies, all bosses and most of the skills and equipment. Enemies now have distinctive behavior, so they will provide a fair but challenging experience. The boss fights are now aligned with the enemies you face in their respective area, so you can take what you learned from minor encounters to bring down the boss (thanks to Yanfly's comics for this very basic but totally eye-opening piece of advice).

I also added a ton of new equipment to the game, so you can really choose your playstyle. Magic and miracles now need you to equip a catalyst (talisman, chime or staff) so there is a tradeoff in raw melee power if you want to sling spells. Speaking of spells - all of them got an overhaul and they will now cost TP instead of mana. With additional skills to evade and deflect damage, TP management is now a cornerstone of the gameplay. I also fixed a ton of bugs still present in the last version.

RTP Only

Being true to the spirit of its foundation the game still consists of only RTP assets. No plugins, no custom sprites or tilesets. I find it really nice that I can use this project to learn more about gammak in an iterative process. I already have plans for more content in an upcoming version 1.2 while sticking to the RTP for the time being.

Bottom Line

I think version 1.1 brings so many changes to the game, that it would be worthwhile to try the game again for a second round. And if you have never played it, I would be very happy if you would give it a shot! Game length should be around 3 to 5 hours.