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Elementalism is a Puzzle/Indie game where you control the character Firebolt. He needs to take care of his world and its creatures, completing objectives and venturing around.

Explore and discover the future to come.

Elfimhay, is a world in which elemental beings inhabit, such as Fire, Earth, Water and ș̵̶͉̽͋̕l̵̶̺̺̙̒̐̚i̵̶̡̟̘̽͛͝m̴̶͖͓̪͐̕e̵̶̦̫͒͆͜͝. In it we first find a main Fire character called Firebolt. He takes good care of his creatures and also his world, that's what he does on a daily basis. It can even be boring to do this every day but it is important.

Memory RAM: 1GB
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64bit)

- This is just a demo, everything in this game will change.
- In this demo version, there may be some bugs.
- Single save, parts can only be played once.
- This demo is to check if you will like the game

- Original Soundtrack.
- Animated Cutscenes in Video.
- Instructions in Images.
- Custom Graphics.

This demo version was developed in 6 months and have inspiration by OneShot

Page in itch.io and Gamejolt

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