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Inner Sanctum is my submission to Studio Blue's RPG Maker MZ game jam. It is a Christian-themed horror/mystery game.

The game had the honor of being ranked 3rd place on the game jam! And I'm truly honored and happy for that. ^_^

The story revolves around a young girl named "Meadow" who experienced tragedy when she woke up in a crime scene with her dead parents beside her. A group of religious individuals from the Divine Grace Monastery have offered to adopt the poor girl. After being welcomed with loving arms, things took a darker and twisted turn when the moon took over the night sky.


- Multiple Endings (4 in total)

- Immersive Atmospheric Horror

- Make intense choices that decide the fate of your character.

Latest Blog

Inner Sanctum 4.0 is UP!

Hello everyone! You may now download Inner Sanctum FULL version 4.0! ^_^ :D

Inner Sanctum is my entry for Studio Blue's RPG Maker MZ "You got it! Now use it!" Game jam and had the honor of winning 3rd place! ^_^ :)

This download contains tons of updates and fixes after the game jam version! :)

Hope you all enjoy! ^_^
  • Completed
  • Starmage
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Adventure
  • 10/01/2020 11:59 AM
  • 08/30/2023 10:39 AM
  • 09/15/2020
  • 29863
  • 15
  • 1324


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is there a walkthrough?Im stuck at the part where someone knocks on my door at 3am and i don't really know what to do
Hello Hani! If you're stuck at 3 am part,you need to head to the dining room, and afterwards to the hall with the rooms. :)

If you need more help finding stuff, you can follow Studio Blue's let's paly of the game. :D Hope it helps! ^_^
I just finished, I liked how you incorporated player choice on who survived and who did. It helped make my choices meaningful. I also like the twist villain(I won't spoil it) The characters didn't really feel fleshed out, but there is a base there and I could understand you were doing this within a time limit. If you ever make a full version of this game maybe you could expand on the characters back story and overall character.
Hello KazukiT126 and thanks so much for playing the game! ^_^ :) I'm glad you liked the the choices mechanic for the game too! :D And yes, I understand that most of the chars weren't well fleshed out, and as you said, I had 2 weeks time limit for the game jam. xD :D But yep! That is most definitely not an excuse, still, and the chars could really use more fleshing out with their back stories and development! :D Thanks so much once again! ^_^
this game looks super interesting and the atmosphere of it is rlly cool! excited to play
Hello girltokyo!! <3 Thank you so much and I am happy you like the atmosphere!! Hope you enjoy! :D ^^
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I'll need to give this a look, it seems to be quite interesting.
Hello OzzyTheOne! Thanks so much for checking the game! I hope you'll enjoy it! <3 ^_^
I was looking for some horror games to play, chose this one and it was definitely worth it!
The only ending I'm missing is ending B. I got the other three and I really enjoyed them.

For a game made in two weeks, it is overall really well done.
There's some stuff that could've been improved afterwards, but I still would recommend it to anyone.

Spoiler-y stuff, don't read if you haven't played the game yet...

I really enjoyed the story. While some parts and dialogue felt a bit cliche, there were some sequences that were definitely good: the exorcisms felt like a nice tribute to old-school horror movies due to the demon cursing. The scene of Julia drowning Meadow was hilarious for me (in a good way): it was the first thing I got when playing, so I thought either Julia was possessed or she had to do something with the murderous cult. That idea didn't last long after the reveal that Meadow was the one possessed but it was definitely memorable. I also liked Porsha's and Jerome's...interactions hahah. I've been playing RPG Maker games for years, yet, this has to be only the third or fourth time I've seen stuff like that in one of these games.

Before I forget to mention it, I also thought the Divine Grace Monastery would have evil people inside; that the antagonist was going to be one of them, so pretty much my entire idea of the game was thrown out of the window by the plot twist, haha. Well done.

The only things that bothered me were how easy it was to die during the chase scenes. The darkness made it hard to find the throwable objects, plus, most of these sequences took place after minutes of dialogue. Having to replay that every time you want to save a character is a bit annoying. I think it would've been better to put the save screens a bit closer to the start of those chase scenes to make replayability less tedious.
Some other things that I can mention... probably that there's a weird bug where you can still move even if the current character "died" (their graphic changed and the blood sound was played), though it doesn't break anything else. Also, the game over screen with a peaceful background is too out of place, considering most deaths are gruesome / bloody in this game.

Nothing else to say, I might try Perceiving Shapes one of these days.
Wish you good luck with all of your projects!
Hello JapoZero and thanks so much for sharing your detailed thoughts and feedback of the game! :D <3 So happy you enjoyed! ^_^ The ending B btw is simply a somber ending haha! :D But yah, thanks so much for playing the game!
Yeah, I remember playing this one, this was one was excellent and really well executed.
Thanks so much boos405! :D I always love hearing you share your experiences playing my games! ^_^ Really appreciate it a lot!
Had a bit of a rough time with slippery controls and framerate drops (which is very likely to be a problem of me using Wine to play the game... using Linux for gaming can be such a pain sometimes, sigh), but I'm glad I persevered those to uncover the interesting villain reveal, the somewhat cheesy yet very enjoyable story and the beautiful maps with pretty light effects!! I also liked the "their fate is in your hands" mechanic a lot, though I may be kind of biased here since one of the earlier RPG Maker titles I like a lot has a similar thing c':
Either way, great job on the game, I'll do my best to get ending A (the only one I haven't unlocked yet) once I try playing it on my older Windows machine!

P.S. (spoilers and profanity sort of)
Had a straight face throughout most of the game but seeing the words "GRANDMA PU**Y" being said by the villain made me lose it entirely lmao c':
Hello torichi and thanks so much for playing the game! :D I'm happy you enjoyed the game for the most part, and I'm excited for you to get the ending A soon, I know you'll get there quite easily! ^_^ :D And lol, I'd lose it as well if I read something like that from another game! xDD Y'know, just demons being demons.
Thanks so much boos405! :D I always love hearing you share your experiences playing my games! ^_^ Really appreciate it a lot!

I thought your mapping here was amazing, and the scenery near the start looks so beautiful, as well as the inside of the building. It was really cool that you were able to do it so fast for a game jam, at the time, as well.
Awww thanks so much once again boos405! ^_^ :D I always appreciate your kind words! :D I will remember to keep doing my best to improve with those points that you have enjoyed about the game! :D ^^
Truly awesome game.
I usually never play horror games, but i loved it.
Loved the story, the music, the sounds.
Only did ending A, but I think i will wait a few time to try the other endings.
Truly awesome game.
I usually never play horror games, but i loved it.
Loved the story, the music, the sounds.
Only did ending A, but I think i will wait a few time to try the other endings.

Hi Matson and wow thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed the game and got the ending A <3 ^_^ Hope you also like the other endings once you get to try them! :D
Interesante propuesta de terror que, mediante el recargado uso de expresiones religiosas, vuelve a mostrarnos un producto que bebe directamente de un tópico del género, las posesiones demoníacas.

Como decía, la temática principal no es novedosa en absoluta, al igual que las propias escenas de acción. Sin embargo, me parece interesante señalar que existe un paralelismo muy bien conseguido entre la historia del juego y la vida como tal. En ambas situaciones se nos hace hincapié en una idea: solo mediante el arduo trabajo diario enfocado en nuestra persona conseguiremos nuestros objetivos más deseados.
Solo el fruto del trabajo continuo te será recompensado. Me parece una bonita metáfora.

El gameplay por su parte, posee una dificultad ajustada a la propia idea traumante que ofrece el juego (escapar de un mal acechante y constante). Buena inmersión además lograda por esa idea de "poder salvar a todo el mundo". De hecho, con esta posibilidad, el juego (así como la vida, como la propia metáfora) nos recompensará finalmente. También existen un par de detalles in-game que le suman cierta complejidad y tensión, tales como no guardar cuando queramos o no tener armas. Elementos imprescindibles ante una situación de supervivencia.

Además, considero vital echarle un vistazo a la propia narrativa de los diálogos. Quizás el creador vivió un tiempo entre beatos, quizás sea muy culto o quizás las dos cosas, pero sea como fuere, me resultó agradable cómo se mantenían siempre y al mismo nivel todas esas expresiones religiosas. Es un punto extra a favor para sumergirse dentro de la atmósfera del juego.

Desafortunadamente, he de señalar algún punto negativo. Odio los mensajitos continuos sobre qué hacer y cómo hacer X. Te saca de la inmersión como si fuera un puñetazo directo en el estómago. El jugador así no piensa, se sienta cómodo porque le dicen qué hacer y cuando, resumiendo la experiencia del gameplay en mini juegos repetitivos. La exploración es un punto clave en este género también.

E.T.A.: 1:15h
Hi daenius! Thanks so much for playing! I'm very happy you enjoyed most of the game's atmosphere and story! ^^ <3
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