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Inner Sanctum is my submission to Studio Blue's RPG Maker MZ game jam. It is a Christian-themed horror/mystery game.

The game had the honor of being ranked 3rd place on the game jam! And I'm truly honored and happy for that. ^_^

The story revolves around a young girl named "Meadow" who experienced tragedy when she woke up in a crime scene with her dead parents beside her. A group of religious individuals from the Divine Grace Monastery have offered to adopt the poor girl. After being welcomed with loving arms, things took a darker and twisted turn when the moon took over the night sky.


- Multiple Endings (4 in total)

- Immersive Atmospheric Horror

- Make intense choices that decide the fate of your character.

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Inner Sanctum 4.0 is UP!

Hello everyone! You may now download Inner Sanctum FULL version 4.0! ^_^ :D

Inner Sanctum is my entry for Studio Blue's RPG Maker MZ "You got it! Now use it!" Game jam and had the honor of winning 3rd place! ^_^ :)

This download contains tons of updates and fixes after the game jam version! :)

Hope you all enjoy! ^_^
  • Completed
  • Starmage
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Adventure
  • 10/01/2020 11:59 AM
  • 03/23/2021 01:05 PM
  • 09/15/2020
  • 14012
  • 10
  • 740


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is there a walkthrough?Im stuck at the part where someone knocks on my door at 3am and i don't really know what to do
Hello Hani! If you're stuck at 3 am part,you need to head to the dining room, and afterwards to the hall with the rooms. :)

If you need more help finding stuff, you can follow Studio Blue's let's paly of the game. :D Hope it helps! ^_^
I just finished, I liked how you incorporated player choice on who survived and who did. It helped make my choices meaningful. I also like the twist villain(I won't spoil it) The characters didn't really feel fleshed out, but there is a base there and I could understand you were doing this within a time limit. If you ever make a full version of this game maybe you could expand on the characters back story and overall character.
Hello KazukiT126 and thanks so much for playing the game! ^_^ :) I'm glad you liked the the choices mechanic for the game too! :D And yes, I understand that most of the chars weren't well fleshed out, and as you said, I had 2 weeks time limit for the game jam. xD :D But yep! That is most definitely not an excuse, still, and the chars could really use more fleshing out with their back stories and development! :D Thanks so much once again! ^_^
this game looks super interesting and the atmosphere of it is rlly cool! excited to play
Hello girltokyo!! <3 Thank you so much and I am happy you like the atmosphere!! Hope you enjoy! :D ^^
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I'll need to give this a look, it seems to be quite interesting.
Hello OzzyTheOne! Thanks so much for checking the game! I hope you'll enjoy it! <3 ^_^
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