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A game presented to you by Trial of MZ!

You play as Brie, a girl who lost a part of her memory on an incident during her childhood, where her childhood best friend went missing soon after. A few years later, she grew up, travelling around places hunting for treasures while finding any trace of her missing friend.

Joining the hunter's guild, she now hunts for treasures with other group of hunters with the same mindset(treasures!) Will she be able to find valuable treasures on her way? Or will she find something even more precious?

Game lasts around 1 hour(maybe) Event version can be downloaded on the event page, full of bugs but it's literally story mode. Downloadable in event page,Trial of MZ Event Version

All you need is a keyboard, or a mouse(if you prefer not to suffer in the first dungeon).

Movements - Arrow keys, Num pad
Action/Confirm - Z, Enter, Space
Cancel/Menu - X, Esc, Num pad 0
Dash - Shift (Always dash adjustable in options, dash may not be available in certain maps)

Fun fact, you can play this game on mobile on the itch.io page web browser mode!
Special controls for mobile:
Open menu - Tap with two fingers/menu button --- This will not work if your device does not support double finger taps!

If you're too lazy to download, check out the itch.io page and play on browser Here!!(Easy bugged mode not available)

Game Thumbnail created and made by our awesome and favourite friends, Liberty.
Made fully in RTP as ruled in Event game jam.
Used 2 sample map(moderate edit) don't sue me sample map haters.

Latest Blog

Last note?

With MZ ending its free trial for me, I decided to polish the game one last time. (Pray to god there's no bug left)

The newest update doesn't affect much. Merely making the final scene more, alive.
Patch note:
-The knights now also react to the current situations in the final scene.
-Fixed a direction issue where one of the knight doesn't show its collapsed effect.

You can check the full history update list in itch.io's devlog if you're interested.
This update is not applied to the itch.io page, or at least will be after end of Oct(maybe) as I do not know if updating the game now would violate the rules of its game jam.

With that said, I would also like to thank the following people:
Honestly the list could go on forever, and if I missed you, know that I thank you very, very much.
(Specially people who played silently, thank you as well!)

Also I added these people without their permission >.> send me DM/PM if you wish to be remove, alright?

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  • JustAShyDoge
  • RPG Maker MZ
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  • 10/01/2020 12:48 PM
  • 11/24/2022 08:17 AM
  • 10/01/2020
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