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Last note?

With MZ ending its free trial for me, I decided to polish the game one last time. (Pray to god there's no bug left)

The newest update doesn't affect much. Merely making the final scene more, alive.
Patch note:
-The knights now also react to the current situations in the final scene.
-Fixed a direction issue where one of the knight doesn't show its collapsed effect.

You can check the full history update list in itch.io's devlog if you're interested.
This update is not applied to the itch.io page, or at least will be after end of Oct(maybe) as I do not know if updating the game now would violate the rules of its game jam.

With that said, I would also like to thank the following people:
Honestly the list could go on forever, and if I missed you, know that I thank you very, very much.
(Specially people who played silently, thank you as well!)

Also I added these people without their permission >.> send me DM/PM if you wish to be remove, alright?

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