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A cheesy gam, easy and fun!

This time I'll review another game made for the Trials of RpgMaker Mz!
And this time it's a classical fantasy game called... uh... named... eh... no ok the game has no name, anyway let's begin the story of...

Brie & Edam... these two are childhood friends that love adventures and eploring the forest. Unfortunately this will lead to a bad encounter in the woods, and later, after a short prologue, we will start the real game as a grown up Brie that has no memories of the incident that led to Edam's disappearance.

Now we have the first choice: Brie is an adventurer and she can choose one of the three available classes, that can be loosely described as Brawler (Head Hunter, this was my choice and I did not regret it!), Rogue (Treasure Hunter) and Arcane Archer (Bounty Hunter). The first is a heavy fighter that attacks with fists, the second is an agile combatant that uses two knives and the third is a support character that mainly uses spells, in any case do not worry too much because later you'll get one party member for each class, so you'll have the chance to use all the classes (and also have a balanced party!).

Why? Maybe because all that gold over there distracted me from the broken lane!

Not that the difficulty of combat will ever be much high! Anyway that's not a bad thing, this game is a lighthearted fantasy jrpg adventure complete with humor and also references to other games (that notorius "taking an arrow in the knee"!), so the easy difficulty well match well the general atmosphere, and I do not care if the final boss lasted just 2-3 turns, I came here for the story and the funny characters, and there are many of them, starting from the party members, but expect also to find some likeable supporting characters (like a rival adventurer's party, Taleggio, the evil villains, and other supporting cast).

Mapping is quite good, I liked most of the maps, because despite the limitation of using Rtp, these were never too big or small and each dungeon presented some kind of "gimmick": you will visit the infamous invisible dungeon, the poisoned forest, the mines with the cart puzzle and the terrible lava lands! I also liked the fact that each place is not a sequence of empty rooms but they are well detailed, for example a nice touch (not important, but still good) was using a boat to traverse an underground lake and finding another boat of another adventuring party that is encountered later.

Wizards & lizards... hope next time there won't be Dragons & lions!

The Game with no Name is a short classic jrpg. It took me about one hour and ten minutes to complete it, but it was an entertaining and relaxing experience. The simple story is captivating because I'm pretty sure you will play this game from the beginning to the end to learn what happened to Edam and why Brie does not remember her past. And I'm sure that you won't care if you will have to struggle with the invisible dungeon or the mine cart puzzles, in the end there's no obstacle too hard to overcome.

Clearly you can buy potions, improve the character's gear and, if it's not enough, also run away easily from the dreaded random encounters, but you can save anywhere and get some free healing at the blue save points (the red one was a bit pointless since it seems that you can just save, but you can still save anywhere... clearly it can be seen as warning to save before advancing further!).

Yeah sure, try again. Losers!

The Verdict
Dialogues are ok, mapping is ok, Rtp are well used for what concerns both music and graphics, and considering both the length of the game and the short time in which this was created I am really impressed. I just found one bug (that freezes the game) only on my second playthrough when I tried to enter dad's bedroom during the prologue. But I can excuse if the game is a bit rough around the edges, considering I expected a shorter game and a lower quality of the maps and instead I was pleasantly surprised. It won't be the best jrpg ever, still it's a solid entry and I wonder how it would have been if the dev had more time to work on it! My opinion is that this is the right track, a simple and easy game that may appeal both old players and newcomers with funny situations (like the quiz part) without distracting them from the story thanks to short (but varied) dungeons and easy combat. My only complaint is that it would be better with more dungeons, villains, npcs and more detailed backstories for the characters because these were quite interesting but hey, I know... there was few time to make this game!

What else? It's complete (even if it leaves some suggestions for a sequel...
Hey... what happened to the witch?
) entertaining and well worth an hour of your time (it took me 55 minutes to reach the final combat). My rating, taking in account the limitations of the contest, the final result and the fact that it kept me interested and involved from the beginning to the end is 4/5. Well made!


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Still a dumb and shy doggo
Hello hello!! And thank you so much for the review friend ( ^ ω ^)

Thank you so much for the detailed praises and feedbacks!
I admit that at some point some parts of the story were cut due to time constrain ^^'
(Like how Liberty mentioned how coincidence everything is. Especially the prologue for fire dungeon.)

I'm glad you liked how bam dum tss cheesy my game and the casts' personality and dialogues

Thank you so much for the love and hate for my dungeons, I will brag that I spent half the event time on dungeon mechanics(which a-haha...yeah, am so sorry balancing, my neglected child.)

In the newest version(on this gamepage), the softlock has been fixed and the monsters(ai and stats)have been buffed a bit, but it won't be as hard as you expect, I've also remembered to buff some of the slightly obsolete skills! (Playtested and defeated the boss without buying equips except equips dropped in dungeons. So if you find it hard >.> buy some equip and items for the economy, thanks.)

Again, really really thank you so much for playing my game and your time for writing this magnificent review! Thank you!!

The witch....ah, well that's a story for another day, my friend.
Oooh well thank you very very much for your kind reply! You know what? My first though after finishing the game was "what would have been this game with more time (and maybe more content)?"

Dungeons were nice because they were many and even different! Happens rarely.

Easy difficulty isn't a bad thing giving the general lighthearted setting AND also it is not too easy... it's "story mode easy", and story is good so that you can focus on the narrative. Hm it is true that I upgraded all party members' gear, just because I like doing that :)

Anyway yeah, good job, two thumbs up!

The witch....ah, well that's a story for another day, my friend.

I hope so. Maybe with a title this time like "The Edammer strikes back" or "Return of the Gorgonzola"! :P
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