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Spell Blaster Demo 0.1.5 is released for Contest!

  • baz
  • 02/24/2021 04:37 PM
Hello! Our finalized version of the demo is out. This will be the last update this particular demo receives, this addressed most if not all the issues brought up during it's lifetime. This helped us greatly gain a good foundation to now expand upon.

We decided to enter this demo into the PGMMV Game Development Challenge on Itch.io. The winner gets a publishing contract for the Switch and PC, very big news.

FYI this will not be the last playable demo you will get to try! The plan is that once the second zone and boss are complete (already done for most part just need polished) then we will have a second demo with 2 zones as well as the anticipated 2 player mode will be live by then as well!