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This mini-RPG was made for the Trials of MZ event.

In the distant future, Reid and the other MZ RTP heroes invade the real world with their magic and dragons and all that other cool fantasy stuff our robots and modern weaponry can't compete with. Our last hope are Espers who look kind of like some of key figures leading this invasion.


-An innovative and unique battle system where Harold threatens you to not spam the same skills every turn.

-Additional RPG Maker lore that explores how every RPG Maker VX game is a part of the same canon.

-Only RPG Maker MZ RTP, no plugins.

Being serious for a second, when I saw the theme and restrictions for this event I got super nostalgic for a time when I messed around with RPG Maker XP and VX. This game is similar in tone to the silly games I used to make back then. Just add ripped music from Square Soft and Nintendo RPGs and it might as well have been made by me from when I was still in High School.

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  • seacliff217
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  • 10/06/2020 10:50 PM
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  • 09/27/2020
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I think I already made more games in MZ than I did in MV...
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