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NIRAVASI Devlog (13/04/2021): Tune of Tragedy

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Hey everyone,

Once again, we return to this humble little corner of the internet for some more development news on Niravasi, and the adventures of our little feline protagonist. Now I'm sure many of you are curious to see what new happenings are occurring for the game, but I'm going to reel things back a little bit this week to instead focus on some additional topics of interest, such as the music used to inspire the project, as well as a number of different social media channels you can follow the development of this game on. With that being said, this week's Devlog won't be as long, but will still be meaningful. So let's drop the formalities and get straight into the new stuff, shall we?

Feline Reactions

As I mentioned before in last week's Devlog, Mura recently got a fresh coat of paint in regards to his facial sprites. I can happily say that my friend (ZeeMadMaverick) has completed the first batch of revamped Facial Sprites with a really cool additional details! Cats, as you may or may not know, have very visual body indicators for telling anyone around them how they're feeling. If a Cat is feeling upset or scared, they'll fold their ears back and raise their backs in an attempt to make themselves look scarier to anyone that wants to mess with them. Mura may not raise the hairs on his back to spook the robots in Niravasi, but he'll now show his ears folded back when in tense situations. This was a really nice detail added to the character's look and it definitely sells the emotional spectrum that Mura is dabbling in, as of late.

As development of the game continues, there will be many more facial expressions that our little fuzzy boy will be sporting and I'll be sure to keep you updated when those changes happen. Don't worry, as the other characters such as your "friendly" crew members at the start of the game will also be getting a very nice fresh coat of paint!

The Sound of Music

Throughout the game's development, I have received a number of composers coming up to me and offering their services for composing this game's soundtrack, or even perhaps working on some Sound Design. As incredibly flattered as I am with these offers, I sadly must decline every time as I already have a plan on how I want the game to be composed during its final release.

For my first game, BLANK, the soundtrack was composed by a exceptional artist known as Adam Halpin (StygianWhite). When I first came to him about the project, he happily offered to do the work for free (which I did not let him get away at the time) and the work he created for that project was phenomenal. I still listen to the songs of that game many times while working on Niravasi. In fact, the music you hear in the game's demo builds are actually just reused songs from BLANK. Niravasi will have a proper soundtrack composed for it as the project nears its end and my plan is to hire Adam's services once again for this project. When I pitched it to him, I could tell he immediately got a great idea on the feel of the project. While it's still very early, I'm incredibly eager to see the work he can do for this project, as I'm certain it'll be absolutely bonkers!

Like & Subscribe

If you haven't seen it already, I have recently started a couple of new Social Media Accounts that post extra details about Niravasi's development (mainly pictures and videos). If you are interested in taking a look at these pages, be my guest. I try my best to answer anyone who makes comments on these platforms and I'd be more than happy to hear your thoughts there as well as here!

Social Media Links:





Those are all the ones I can think of at this moment, so feel free to check them out if you have the time and want to know a bit more about the game's development during the week!

That's all I have for you peeps this week. Sorry if it wasn't a massive update; development on the game is still going strong and it's coming to a time where I'm getting less and less media to show you all. But fear not, I will maintain a consistent schedule nonetheless and will always be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Until then, thank you very much for reading this week's Devlog and I hope you all have a lovely week!

Kind regards,
Angus (Sangos)