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Difficulty Modes

There are four difficulty modes planned for Memories From a Dream - Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode, and a unique unlockable mode called Gacha Mode. These modes change various aspects of the game and are intended to increase replayability. The features shown below are subject to change.

Easy Mode
This mode is for those who do not wish to endure a challenge and simply want to experience the game without any trouble.

  • You receive 5 SP upon leveling up. SP, or stat points, is used to upgrade your stats. (Normally, you receive 3 SP.)

  • At save points, you can choose whether you want killed enemies to respawn. (Normally, they respawn automatically when you reach a save point.)

  • You begin the game with more gold and items.

Normal Mode
This mode is recommended for first playthroughs.

Hard Mode
This mode is available immediately and is recommended for second playthroughs and to fans of the “Soulsborne” series by From Software (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne). In this mode:

  • Items must be distributed amongst party members before being used in battle. Party members can only use items they are holding in battle.

  • Saving anywhere is disabled. Instead, the game autosaves constantly. When you die, you lose your gold and unspent soul and skill points. By heading back to where you died, you can retrieve your lost resources. However, if you die again before retrieving them, they are lost forever.

  • Party members stay unconscious after battles (normally, they are resurrected with 1 HP after the battle ends).

  • You only receive 2 SP (stat points) upon leveling up, as opposed to 3 SP in normal mode.

Gacha Mode
Gacha Mode is unlocked after beating the game at least once. In this mode, you cannot buy items, weapons, or armor, nor can you find them in treasure chests or on the field.

Instead, you must spend Gold on “booster packs”, of which there are three types: Medicine Packs, Equipment Packs, and Upgrade Packs. Each pack contains eight items - six Common items, one guaranteed Uncommon or higher item, and another item which can be anything from a Common to a Legendary item.

Each item in the game is labeled according to a rarity scale: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary.

Medicine Packs are the most affordable booster pack, and contain various healing items as well as stat upgrade items. Equipment Packs contain weapons, armor, and accessories. Upgrade Packs are the most expensive booster pack and contain both Azurite and Elemental Orbs, which are used to upgrade your party’s equipment.

Treasure chests, which normally contain items, instead house gold when this mode is selected.

The excitement of this mode comes from its randomness. Will you receive an ultra powerful weapon early on, or will you need to scrape by for a while with a bunch of junk? Because of this mode’s random nature, every playthrough will be widely different.

When selecting this mode, the player is presented with an option of randomizing the race, gender and class of your party members, but this is optional.

Other than the changes detailed above, Gacha Mode is balanced like Normal Mode.


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I'm a dog pirate
Hard Mode sounds fun except for the whole idea of having to grab items again. I kinda like the idea behind Gacha mode and it would certainly enhance the replayability!
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