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You're taking the train to a vacation spot but you realize you might not have enough for the fare on the way back. A lot of it is timed so that there's no rush to the gameplay (and there's not much to do), it's more about sitting about and enjoying the view. Only about 8 minutes of gameplay.

Made in about 5 weeks for the A Game By Its Cover 2020 I learned a lot and released my first game made in Godot. I come from mostly a Game Maker background but decided it was time to learn another engine. Most of the challenges involved wrestling with the graphics and transitioning many things over a period of time. For the behind the scenes progress: https://itch.io/t/956299/train-trip-tentative-title

Made for A Game By Its Cover 2020

Code & Art: Shweep
Music & Sound: Cowberry

The famicase used
Original cover art: わいこ (Tabata)

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  • 10/18/2020 06:25 PM
  • 02/03/2023 11:22 AM
  • 10/17/2020
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I finally got around to playing this. Simple, but very cool in it's execution. I really like how near the end, the sun raises up to the point where you can see the shadow reflect off the player's face. Very well done.

I won't lie, if I ever plan to move onto another engine other than rpgmaker2003, it'll probably be this. I know Godot probably isn't made for rpgmaker stuff, but it's the 2D on 3D background that's too good to pass up. If you do plan to make more games with this engine, keep us posted, it's really interesting to see what you're doing with this as you catalog the process.
This sounds like my kind of game (slow, things are happening). Count on me playing and reviewing it, eventually. Also, count on me asking you questions about godot, if I happen to bump into you at Discord. That's the engine I've been fairly interested in for a while.
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