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Back Story

Jolly is a "defected" kitsune, meaning she can't transform or grow more tails like they normally should. She is basically an outcast in her town and can only get by doing quests at the guild. One day a quest came up specially for Jolly and her two fox familiars. She has to explore a forest to find a said rare item. But will her adventure stop there?

*Possible Trigger Warnings: Hinted at Suicide, Hinted at Rape

Game Features

Frontal Battlesystem (Use of skills, Casting system, Use of Items, Cooldown system, Buffs, Debuffs)
Random Battles
An Item Shop
3D Camera Plugin
7 Bad Ends




TFairchild - Selection Screen
Jasperelo - There Will be a Hope
Ylmir - Secrets of the Woods

UI Sounds - ViRiX (David Mckee)
Win/Lose/Gold Sounds - Little Robot Sound Factory
Level Up - Bart Kelsey
Melee Swing Sound - qubodup
Hit Sound - Independent.nu
Zap Noises/Steam/Spells - p0ss
Healing Sounds - DoKashiteru

3D Camera: http://akakyouryuu.com/%E9%85%8D%E5%B8%83%E7%89%A9/renpy/

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