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Do you think that parallel worlds exist? Would you believe me if the mirror in your bedroom is actually a portal to a parallel world?

The last event I took part was 50 Days of Representation. Well, I made a huge mistake for that one: overestimating my skills. I thought it would be a nice and pleasing game but it at the end it was very boring and basic.
Glad I didn't get a review yet for my submission: it would have ended with a very low score (no more than 2 stars).

I don't want to stay on a failure so I joined in for Kill the Cutie.
The mission is to build a game in one month which contrasts something cute and innocent with something dark and creepy.

Sophie sees her cat Leila going through the mirror in her bedroom. Sophie follows Leila and meets an alternate version of her older brother Damien who is having an anxiety attack. Scared by that unexpected encounter, Sophie returns through the mirror and warns Damien about what she saw. Damien joins Sophie and they both get through the mirror one more time. Where is Leila? Are the people from the parallel world hostile?

Sophie: Aged 11. She really loves her cat Leila. When she sees her going through the mirror, Sophie doesn't hesitate to follow her cat.
Damien: Aged 16. Considers himself as an otaku who really enjoys anime girls. Very laid-back but protective.

There will be some RPG battles through the game. I've decided to reuse my enemy chase script from Black Lemons (Theme Roulette 3 submission): enemies wander randomly but if you get too close to them ; they will chase you! But if you manage to outrun them, they will ignore you.

Credits (temporary)
  • RPG Maker VX Ace game engine by Enterbrain
  • Most of the graphical assets by Enterbrain
  • BlackRoseMii's visual-novel character generator
  • RMN Music Packs by the community
  • Scripts created by Yanfly, Rafael_Sol_Maker, Galv, Fflo
  • Game made by Fflo

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