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Six rising artists were invited to an evening of fun and frivolity at the sumptuous manor of their idol: Pomelon, a viral youtuber admired for her cuteness and frankness.

...But the night took a gruesome turn when the host was found dead, bathing in her own blood. Everyone was now a suspect.

Eight remain: the 6 guests, the maid and the butler. Who is the culprit?
Everyone swears to cooperate for the investigation, but the murderer of influencers might strike again soon...

Inspired by board games such as Clue and Mystery Mansion, Cuties and Clues adds a hint of mystery and suspense to the classic RPG gameplay of older times.


-Original art and music with an 8-bit charm.
-Select one of six unique avatars, each with their own stats and abilities.
-A custom Dragon Quest-like battle system with strategic use of states and weaknesses!
-Remember the Complementary Color Pairs to maximize damage dealt: Blue with Orange, Green with Red, and Purple with Yellow.
-Explore a trap-filled manor and find a ton of power-ups, weapons and protective gear to help you fight the 7 enemy types that lurk around every corner!
-Unlock rooms, use secret passages and find Clues to narrow down the list of suspects and expose the murderer!
-Don't let the murderer kill innocents! Try to stop A.K.A. whenever he/she appears and you might unlock the true ending!

*This game was made within a month for RMN's Kill the Cutie Halloween event.

Latest Blog

Cuties more bugs fixed, definitive download?

Thanks to Liberty's very entertaining stream, I was able to notice and fix more bugs.
The download has been updated to version 1.2 and it should be the final version unless more major bugs are reported.

-The game softlocked after the boss fight leading to the 2nd ending. All 3 endings should activate properly now.

-Dying against the boss is the only way to get a Game Over, which should work fine now.

-Bodibuldos was shown to be of purple color in battle. The proper color is now blue.

-The Bike Helmet doubled your Defense for a turn, which was pretty useless and bugged anyway, the boost lasting until the battle ended. It will now double defense for 3 turns.

-The HP numbers and gauge sometimes wouldn't update. It should be fixed now.

-You now have a higher chance of meeting the other guests in the Hallways instead of Rat Brats.

-The dialogue box Picture used to disappear after driving the murderer away. I finally managed to fix it.

-The secret passages are now noticeable.

-The suspect list in the menu now shows a "SUS" text next to the characters that have not be innocented, so you won't mistake them for being dead.
Due to poor eventing, I wouldn't be able to show dead characters in the menu without making hundreds of tedious adjustments.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the game page and played the game.
I hope that you will continue to enjoy it.
  • Completed
  • Avee
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • RPG
  • 10/22/2020 04:09 AM
  • 01/06/2021 03:54 PM
  • 11/04/2020
  • 19359
  • 11
  • 214


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Love the looks and the concept!
Love the looks and the concept!

Thank you! I hope that the game will be enjoyable.
Not bad, I will continue to pay attention
Not bad, I will continue to pay attention

Thanks! I'm confident that the download will be ready before the event's deadline.
I'm a dog pirate
This was fantastic, albeit a tiny bit undercooked (which is understandable since EVERYTHING is custom). I found a few bugs:

Sometimes the items in the chest did not match the items I received; several times I got a wrench when I was supposed to get something else, like the Molotov.

If I die, I get a black screen. Can't move out of it without exiting manually.

The color system is FANTASTIC and very similar to something I've been planning for a game.

My only gripes about the gameplay balance are that the enemies become far too easy after the first few rooms. Then again, I chose a balanced character (the orange dude).

Same with the traps. They only deduct 1 HP, so I kinda cheesed a few of 'em and healed up during an easy rat battle.

But still, I love the amount of customization here, especially for 2k3. The art is charming in that great 8-bit style, the level design is clever enough without going into puzzley territory, and the skills were well crafted. I'd love to see a more fleshed out version of this game.

Story-wise, the intro was charming, but I don't play an Avee game for story. With that said, the concept was really nice and there's some replay value built in due to the different characters at your disposal as well as the need to keep other people alive to get the best ending.

I'm very happy to receive such detailed feedback and thank you for the bug report as well, Deckiller :D

I overlooked a few issues and had to cut several corners to meet the deadline... but I'm glad that you had fun playing!

I'll try to fix those bugs ASAP.
I'm a dog pirate
Indeed I did! I'll try to write up a review if I have time (same with all the other MZ/MV games...it's just finding the time that's tricky, heh.)
I'm a dog pirate
Oh btw, I was fooling around with one of my game pages this morning and I figured out how to get rid of the annoying white backgrounds on the tables:

table.listing tr.odd td {
background: none !important;
table.listing tr.even td {
background: none !important;
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Too bad this time it wasn't a contest cuz this one is my fave.
An excellent job. Everything was so god damn consistent that I literally can't think of any criticisms for it.
Too bad this time it wasn't a contest cuz this one is my fave.
An excellent job. Everything was so god damn consistent that I literally can't think of any criticisms for it.

That made my day :D
Thank you Mirak!

I'll update the download with more bug fixes soon, in the next few days.
Nice game! I believe that I got the best ending.

Everyone was innocent and it turned out that Pomelon faked her death. Everyone survived.
You also heard the happy music that is exclusive to that ending. I'm glad that you enjoyed the game :)
I really enjoyed this quick little game! I'd probably pay for a fleshed-out version, but the simplicity really works well for what it goes for.

If you are going to remaster this, I'd like to see rooms swapped around between games. It might make things a bit more interesting between play sessions.

implied spoilers in the show button
Though, the fact that this influencer has an entire mansion makes me wonder what blood money they got to afford it, especially with a (presumably) well-paid staff... Maybe she has ties to the mafia. If the game is expanded upon this, I'd like to know if she has blood money on her, and if so, I wonder if this incident will send hired guns to the party-goers...
They are the pewdiepie of that world. XD
They are the pewdiepie of that world. XD

I don't like what this implies for pewdiepie and I am now scared of pewdiepie.
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