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Did you think I ran out of toys? Because I've got TOYS FOR DAYS. TOYS. FOR. DAYS. Like these NEW TWO!

Greetings lovely people.

Here I am, once more, to shower you with a few of my things.
This time I update this toybox of mine with two nice offerings, a modern blast and a blast of the past!

A recently made toy, fresh off the bakers of this year:
♥ RMN's 14th Birthday - RMN Is Old NEough to MAnafge a Lemonade Stand ♥

And a piece of antiquity from 2010:
♥ Pocket Legends ♥

Please savor these. Who knows when the next toys will come up!


The MirBox Wins A MISAO!! And YOU win a New Toy!!

YEA. The MirBox has won 2020's "Best Game Profile" Misao award!
So this is where I say goodbye to you fellas, for I'm living the famouse life now. ;D

To commemorate this joyous event, I've dropped a new toy in The TOYBOX.
You guys already enjoyed my first game, so why not enjoy the second?

♥ The Random God has been added to The MIRBOX.

The Random God was the second game I made after joining my second forum community back in 2006. Enjoy another taste of the wild wild world of two thousand's internet culture!


2 More Toys added to The Mirbox!!

YES! It is time for MORE STUFF inside the Mirbox!

Hiya guys. Are you ready for more dumb crap? I sure hope so 'cause guess what? You get to play my Very First Game! Oh boy!

The things I put into the Mirbox this time are:

The Cave of GFX - My first RPG Maker game!
Sheeprof - A math game about cute sheeps and YOU trying not to drown them like a DUMBASS!

I don't think I'll be uploading more stuff to the Mirbox until January next year, so I hope you are able to find some enjoyment out of the games I've uploaded so far, and thank you for giving them a chance!

If you like this Gamepage's design, please consider nominating it for a Misao in the Best Gamepage category! Thank you!


Progress Report

3 More games in the MIRBOX!!

Mirbox Update!

Hello! A little later than announced but then again who isn't delaying releases right now, right CD Project guys? Anyway, three more toys have been put in the box.

They are:

RMN's 9th Bday
Videogame Personas Contest
Traditional Rear Plug

I've got another bunch of toys I am reviewing to make sure they are allowed under RMN rules. I can't recall making anything raunchy or inappropiate, but I'd better play those old things from start to finish before I upload blindly.

Thank you for playing! Feel free to leave a comment or two!



Downloads Added! (3 games for now!)

Mirbox Update!

Hello! Today I have uploaded three of the six initial toys you can enjoy in this here gamepage.

They are:

Noob Hunt

Tomorrow I'm uploading three more games already listed above- and on the 30th I have two more guaranteed uploads. The TOYBOX section of the gamepage will be updated in a few minutes with the entries of the current three uploads already on the downloads section.

I hope you find enjoyment in this sort of equivalent of dusting off an old photo album belonging to someone you don't know but whomst house you broke into after you learned their body was found dissecated and abandoned years after people stopped hearing about them.

UPDATE! 27/10/2020: The TOYBOX section is now available!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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