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Progress Report

Update 1.2

Year's been rough for everyone, hope everyone who's reading this is well and fine.

Update 1.2:
-Added a flower hat decoration for your hedgehogs
-Added ball function that bounces (origin depend on player's mouse click)
-Fixed an issue on hygiene not decaying
-Reduced decay rate of hunger

Progress Report

Update 1.1

Update for little hedgy :3

This newest version fix some stuff and quality of life adjustments:
-Included fonts used in the credit.
-Added bubbly trail effect for cleaning~
-Now hedgy is animated while being cleaned!
-Adjusted certain bgm to be louder and lowered some SE.
-Added a "poke me" to start game. Poke amounts needed to start game remains the same(3).
-Fixed an issue by adding a cooldown when giving hedgy food/water.(Without the cooldown, things tend to get overlap sometimes, resulting in double/triple the intended effect. However, this new fix might annoy some users as they are required to wait for literally, 0.1 sec, before another input is accepted. Chew your food, people!)

Note to self/future update:
-Add the frisbee gameplay
-Actually code a better formula so hedgy stop moonwalking
-further polishing the cooldown for more responsive input if needed
-add a dirty art of hedgy
-death by hunger maybe?

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