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Made for the Kill the Cutie event. No RTP needed. Very short.

Rose has just arrived at a bandit camp that was already cleared out by some adventurers. And now, they are planning to raid the nearby cave filled with goblins and other monsters, in order to clear that out as well. The game has a custom battle system but is otherwise a very standard game.

A game using resources from Tori no Sumika which by this point is probably just another defunct website. This game is just an excuse for yall to see some cute art and stuff. Nothing bad happens, probably. Have fun.


*This game is #6 in the series of RMN event games I've made (excluding swap games.) To play the other games in the series, click this link.

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What a broken game.

First upload: I left out an RTP animation because I deleted too much stuff from that folder.
Second upload: Fixed some tile and graphic problems but then I left in a developer skip in an easily accessible area.
Third upload: Some other bug will most likely come up and I'll never know.


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can we play this game without downloading RTP?
Made for the Kill the Cutie event. No RTP needed. Very short.

The game has RTP files in it but you do not need to download the RTP package.
I remember this thing, a cool game. It tightens up. Simple and interesting. I advise! GAMMAK
That ending felt really unsatisfying, it feels like there's more to the game than there actually is.
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