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Uploaded a new version due to bugs

I am sorry, but people keep finding bugs


Added a new upload link


I added a new link to fix some issues mentioned in a review by thenerdmansion on YT and another recommendations like adding a way for the user to start a long cutscene.

In the game there's one that is sequential and goes to the end of the game, so I thought it should be added, so the player has time to explore.

Other things were stuff I added that made no reason, like resetting a certain variable and making clear what was activated in a certain prison.


Uploaded the game to Mega

So I hit the limit of the previous host I was using, so I decided to use Mega now. There were some fixes here and there for the game, so this version is actually way more updated than before.

It will also hopefully be the final version, as I am going to try and make an original game.


That was fast! Version 1.2 is up!

Version 1.2 of Final Fantasy Legacy is up, enjoy!

New mapping for some levels
New sprite for Marcine
New battle animations
Updates to events
Balanced gameplay
Added ambiance sounds to the levels

Progress Report

There are some new animations and added a fix to the Leviathan summon animation

So I am uploading the 1.2 version and there are some new goodies.

I learned the basic of the basics on how to use Effekseer, so I added some new animations. I am still a noob on it, BUT, the Leviathan summon animations looks way more lit than it did before.

Likewise, I added footsteps sounds, but I couldn't make it work when the key was not pressed and the sprite moved though, and I didn't want to work on this game further since I want to try an original story, so for now you get some ambiance sounds to the sprites, at least in playing mode.

Furthermore, I finally balanced the enemies so going around the prison is actually achievable, but the bad part is the boss is harder to beat since I added new skill to him. I did add a way to beat him, well humans in my game are weak to fire, so I added a way for the main character to learn abilities in the Prison level, but good luck finding a way to open the door. LOL

So, once the upload works I will be adding the making an announcement for the new version release!

Progress Report


Hi readers;

Today I added and deleted the old pics that were related to the new maps. I am going to add some more as development goes on. Where it comes to mapping I remade the Outskirts, where the player starts to play as Davin, as I learned watching maps reviews that using the Tree Wall that comes as default is a big NO-NO as it was just too ugly.

Currently, I moved to using RPG Maker MZ and I didn't do my due research and now my old animations don't work anymore. That means that I will have to remake the animation, or at least the one that don't fit the way the RTP did theirs. That means, that yes, I will have to learn Effekseeker. It's all good though, it is part of the learning process.

I will continue practice making the maps better and work on the difficulty of the game, which I was told by other games were impossibly hard to beat.


Remake the demo

Hi all

I decided to get off my ass and work on this again. I am getting inspired and interested to work on a game and since this one already been worked on (story wise at least) I am going to work on the maps and re-release the demo after I redo the maps. Furthermore, I tried to draw the maps basing it on my drawings, but I see that was a bad idea since the maps are just so big and empty. I am going to be rework them using the 3 tile rule like I should've done since the beginning.

I know I have to work on the battles but for now I am going to work on the story and eventing and just leave the fights aside, since that's easy to work on (in comparison to everything else). Since I am going to be remaking the maps, and that includes the dungeon, I am going to add more puzzles to that dungeon.

Progress Report

First release!

The download is up now!

There's a version for Windows and Mac. For mobile, you could try the browser version. All the download links are in the Downloads tab.

I will also be adding the github url to the repository where I added the whole project you people can check it out, for any reason. (It's not like I have done anything to push the maker to the max to begin with).

Progress Report

Some news

Hi everyone who's reading!

This is my first news about the development of the game. When I asked to publish a game page here I didn't want to do it unless I was very deep into the development of the game. Anyways, this is about announcing that the game is about to be released and I only have to balance some battle gameplay. I added a link to the browser version but that shouldn't be considered the final version but once the .zip file is added the browser version should be considered as the same version.
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